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Amber Guyger was sentenced to 10 years for killing her neighbor Botham Jean inside his own home one day after the former Dallas police officer was found guilty of murder. Many details came out about Guyger, including she was having having sex with a married man and her former cop partner Matin Rivera. Shortly after the trial, details came out about Rivera and his own history. Twelve years ago, the Dallas Police officer killed 20-year-old Brandon Washington over a candy bar. The story was ignored by mainstream. 

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According to original news reports from March of 2007, the cops were called on Washington for allegedly stealing a candy bar from a convenience store. Cops claimed while searching for Washington, they spotted him, told him to stop, he his hands in his pockets, there was a verbal confrontation and the old faithful excuse was used — they believed the 20-year-old had a gun. Washington was shot four times, with bullets hitting his right leg and head. He would later die at the hospital.

At the time, Dallas Police Assistant Chief Ron Waldrop said, “The use of deadly force by officers is one of the most scrutinized things in our department. We’re concerned about every use of deadly force, and we want to make sure that the use of force was appropriate.”

Officer Martin Rivera was put on paid leave. By June of 2007, according to the Dallas Morning News, a grand jury declined to indict Rivera. There is a little to no media coverage about Brandon Washington after June of 2007.

Now, with alleged coverups and failures being exposed by the Dallas Police Police, especially in Amber Guyger’s case, questions are being raised about Rivera fatally shooting Washington over 12 years ago.

Last month, Brandon Washington’s mother, Antoinette Washington, spoke at a news conference in Dallas with Mothers Against Police Brutality and insisted that her son’s case be reopened. She said, “It blew my mind to see him in another case. I knew he was no good then. Justice has failed.” She also added, “It’s not fair that they are sweeping it under the rug like it’s nothing.”

Sara Mokuria, who is with Mothers Against Police Brutality stated, “That fact that Martin Rivera has spent 16 years defying policies, mistreating people, lying, escalating to murder and being reward for it is a crime within itself. We are  demanding that he be fired immediately. This is an issue of public safety. We are not safe with officers like this patrolling our streets.”

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On September 6, 2018 Guyger said she mistakingly entered Jean’s apartment. She says she mistook Jean for a crook and ordered him not to move. Then she shot him twice. Jean was killed at 26 while watching television and eating ice cream. Rivera admitting to deleting text messages between him and Guyger from the night of the shooting. His logic was  “I don’t keep messages saved unless it’s of an importance to me.”

We hope Brandon Washington gets justice.


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