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Stacey Abrams is fighting for voting rights, especially in Iowa, but she is still apparently in good standing to be an elected official. More than any other presidential candidate, the odds are in her favor to be the Democratic Vice President pick.

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According to, via, the presidential odds were complied. For Vice President, Abrams had the highest chance with  7 to 1, Cory Booker 9 to 1, Kamala Harris 10 to 1, Pete Buttigieg 11 to 1 and Julian Castro 11 to 1.

This may not be farfetched. Back in September, Washington Post reporter Vanessa Williams tweeted about the conversation Abrams was having with legendary journalist Dorothy Gilliam at the Metropolitan A.M.E. Church in Northwest Washington Thursday evening. The report came on the backdrop of the annual Congressional Black Caucus Legislative Conference and was tweeted moments before the third Democratic debate began Thursday night. Abrams she would be “honored” to be considered to be the Democratic nominee’s vice presidential running mate.

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Abrams has been consumed with ending voter suppression with Fair Fight Action. By many accounts, Abrams had the Georgia governor race stolen from her  by Brian Kemp, who, at the time, was also the secretary of state and overseeing the election. There were “dirty tricks” on election day that included everything from missing power cords for voting machines to long lines delayed by more than four hours to polling places without an adequate number of voting machines.

Nonetheless, Abrams maintained she won the election, telling The New York Times Magazine in April, “I cannot say that everybody who tried to cast a ballot would’ve voted for me, but if you look at the totality of the information, it is sufficient to demonstrate that so many people were disenfranchised and disengaged by the very act of the person who won the election that I feel comfortable now saying, ‘I won.'”

Even though she lost her election, Democratic Party leaders still picked her to deliver their response to Trump’s State of the Union address in January. There have been rumbling that former Vice President Joe Biden has been grooming her to become his vice presidential running mate.

As for the presidency, the odds are not in the favor for any of the people color. According to the betting odds, Elizabeth Warren 9 to 5, Joe Biden 3 to 1, Pete Buttigieg 7 to 1, Bernie Sanders 8 to 1 and Hillary Clinton 19 to 1.

Yep, Hillary, who isn’t even running has better odds than Booker, Harris and Castro.


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