The pressure is on Donald Trump’s lawyers criticized for their ineptitude as well as Senate Republicans after House Democrats rested their case on the third day of the former president’s second impeachment trial.

Good News

In Georgia and North Carolina, 90 percent of Black youth voted for Biden.

The Black Ballot

The solution now for people who are missing their ballots is to go to their clerk’s office and pick one up.

The poll comes amid nationwide protests against racism and indications that more white people care about racial injustice than seemingly ever before.

Good News

LeBron James has launched a nonprofit focused on addressing Black voter suppression.

Kamala Harris may have ended her presidential campaign but she said she was "still very much in this fight." Here are five things she may have meant by that statement.

Polling shows that Cory Booker and Kamala Harris, the only two viable Black candidates running for president, have very low support among Black voters. Why?


HBCU students interviewed during Bernie Sanders' rally in Atlanta said they still have questions about whether candidates have truly advocated for Black people and deserve the Black vote.

President Barack Obama had more than a few sage words of guidance for anybody listening when he sat down with Democratic All-Star Stacey Abrams at an event in Washington, D.C.

New York Rep. Peter King’s announcement that he wouldn’t be seeking re-election next year came as Black women, like Jackie Gordon, who is running for King's office in Congress, have been flipping incumbent Republican seats.

From the location to the audience to the moderator, Elizabeth Warren's event at North Carolina A&T was dripping in Blackness. Why couldn't she give a better answer to a hypothetical question about her hypothetical cabinet?


Vice President Stacey Abrams has a good ring.