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The rumor mill has been claiming that Ray J is working with Trump administration get to Suge Knight out of jail. Brandy’s brother is shutting that down.

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The Daily Mail had a headline that read, “EXCLUSIVE: She hit it first! Kim Kardashian’s ex Ray J is in ‘secret talks with Trump Administration over potential pardoning of convicted killer and rapper Suge Knight – following the reality star’s criminal justice reform efforts.”

Ray blasted the story by writing on Instagram, “@dailymail pls stop reporting false stories about me! This is the second time y’all trying to pull a stunt like this! The story you put up is false and corny! I’ve been working very hard building my companies and staying out of BS! If you wanna post a story about me pls make sure it’s true.”

He continued, “I’m extremely proud of my @rayconglobal team and my @loopelectricmopeds #ScootEBiketeam! We’ve built these companies from scratch and it’s not an easy task so I will NOT let you sabotage me and ruin my name! I’m working hard for my family!!! The Devil won’t win!!! God Bless and swipe left if you wanna know facts about me and what I’m doing! @rayconglobal #ScootEbike@loopelectricmopeds @williamrayla.”

He also blasted them on video:

The Daily Mail claims a source told them, “Ray J is very competitive and always has been. He saw what Kim was able to do with her work in the criminal justice system with the Trump administration and he is determined to show he can do the same.”

The so-called source also said, “He’s adamant that he can convince Trump to pardon Suge and that people will respect him for doing so.”

Knight was found guilty of murder and attempted murder for running over two men outside a Compton burger stand in January of 2015. He reportedly attacked the man due to a despite over the film “Straight Outta Compton.” Terry Carter, 55, was killed.

In October of last year, Knight was sentenced to 28 years.

That said, Ray J is doing some work with Knight. TMZ reported last month that Knight “signed over his life rights to Ray, with the expectation he’ll make the right decisions with Suge’s story and make some money for him and his family while he’s behind bars. We’re told Knight’s been friends with Ray J for decades and trusts his business acumen and ability to choose the right projects for film, TV, book publications and more.”


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