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Whitney Houston‘s best friend Robyn Crawford is releasing her memoir “A Song For You: My Life with Whitney Houston” today. Her pre-recorded interview on “The Wendy Williams Show” will air this morning (November 12) and Crawford, thankfully, reminded the former radio shock jock how awful she was to the late, great Whitney.

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In case you forgot, Houston was often the target of Wendy Williams’ gossip. They did an infamous phone interview in 2003 where Houston slammed the radio host for constantly attacking her on air. Years later, when Wendy would get her own talk show, she campaign for Whitney to come on the show and she never did. Here is the interview below:

Crawford did not hold back when reminding Williams of her hard she was on Houston.

“I heard that interview, I got a call from my former assistant. I wasn’t working with Whitney. And she said Whitney’s going to be on ‘Wendy Williams.’ I said, ‘What do you mean she’s going to be on Wendy?’ That was the cumulative, fed up Whitney Houston that I heard.”

Williams asked if Houston was “fed up with me or fed up with the world?”

Crawford reminded her, “You had been talking about Whitney and myself for so long.”

Williams shout back with, “But it all came true. A lot of what I said is in this book. A lot of things I said were in this book.”

Crawford continued, “Everyone lived by the radio back then. We’re in the car, you’re talking like you lived with us, like you’re roommates with us. We’re in the car, sitting still and Whitney would say, ‘Who the… who is she? Who is this woman? I don’t even know what she looks like.’”

She also added, “We didn’t know what you looked like and our plan was to go down to Hudson Street … and wait for you right outside,” Crawford tells Williams, who appears shocked. “We weren’t gonna fight, we just wanted to see you face-to-face and have a chat.”

Williams said, “I’m frightened. Oh my gosh, I dodged that bullet.” Watch the clip below:

In the memoir, Crawford recalls her romantic relationship and friendship with Whitney Houston. She has said by writing her book, she hopes to set the record straight about the legendary singer. “I wanted to lift her legacy, give her respect and share the story of who she was before the fame, and in that, to embrace our friendship.”


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