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More officers have gotten away with killing a Black teenager. His name was De’Von Bailey and he was killed on Aug. 3 He was only 19 years old.

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According to BuzzFeed, on Wednesday, a grand jury unanimously decided to not indict the two police officers who shot the 19-year-old in the back. Bailey’s mother Delisha Searcy wrote on Facebook early this morning Facebook, “There was never a robbery, the other guy arrested is facing assault, this is just concerning, the laws in Colorado state that if they think there is a weapon they can use deadly force. CAN is the operative word. And the officer chose to kill my son when he begged to be added to the call.”

She continued, “He went there to KILL but in the same state there was a mass shooting in a theatre where so many people were killed….. but that man sits in jail until this day he was taken alive. I can go on and on about the injustices of Colorado because believe me I have done my research. They will be exposed they murdered my son and I will not let it go. We have to stand up for what is right. Ignore the ignorance of ‘others’ because we already know how some of ‘them’ feel about us.”


BuzzFeed claims that Bailey “ran away from officers investigating a reported armed robbery. The shooting was captured on body camera video, which showed the officers later recovering a gun from Bailey’s body. But attorneys for Bailey’s family said the video also showed that Bailey was not threatening officers; he never pointed the gun at anyone and it wasn’t visible in the video until after he was shot.”

Officers claim he had a gun in his shorts.

District Attorney Dan May justified the decision by saying, “Colorado law is very carefully crafted. If the officer has a reasonable belief that the person has used a deadly weapon in a crime and is still armed, they can use deadly force to prevent that person from being a fleeing felon with that deadly weapon.”

He also claimed, “I think our system is about as fair as it can get right now, and certainly our grand jury system is as fair as it’s been certainly the last 200 years.”

Our condolences go out to De’von Bailey’s family and friends.


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