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While people like Ja Rule are disappointed in his “people” over a chicken sandwich, what he and others fail to realize is that the foolishness over chicken is not limited to race. A pack of white folks at a drive-thru is the latest example.

MORE: White Folks In Popeyes Are Getting A Louisiana A** Whooping For Showing Their Privilege

Twitter user @EspnDrunk posted a video on Twitter of a pack of white thugs at unknown Popeyes drive-thru. At first, two women are fighting then a man jumps in who yells, “Get off my f***ing wife!” They topple to the ground as another man tries to calm him down. Police arrive and miraculously managed to deescalate. No guns were drawn and no punches were thrown. One of the women were calmly arrested.

See below:

Twitter was loving it. One user tweeted, “People have literally lost their minds!” Another even commented on the cop, “Good lord that cop was massive.” 

At least these thugs are taking out their rage on each other. Recently, racists tried to act a fool toward Black folks at Popeyes and learned the hard way.

At a Popeyes restaurant in Columbia, Tennessee witnesses say a white woman was arguing about a charge on her bill. Several staff told her to leave the restaurant  and called one of the women the N-word. “This ain’t no place to say the N-word,” a customer said off camera.

Employees continue to tell her to leave. Moments later, she was outside of the Popeyes and was body slammed on the concrete, see below:


Deriance Hughes, 29, was arrested and faces aggravated assault charges.

At another Popeyes, a white man was annoyed annoyed about the line. In the viral clip he can be head screaming “f*ck you” and screams at a customer, “Don’t you motherfucker, don’t you! Don’t you n****r!” He also yelled, “Fucking n****r-ass motherf*cker, f*cking get out of my way!” He then stormed out of the restaurant. However, he was followed out of the restaurant and was soon on the ground crying that he was sorry.

On Aug. 12, Popeyes posted a tweet letting the world know that their new chicken sandwich was available nationwide. The sandwiches became a national story and were soon sold out. The sandwiches returned this week and chaos has ensued.


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