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LaKeith Stanfield is known for his roles in “Sorry To Bother You” and “Get Out.” However, he is also known to be outspoken on social media. Recently, he called out African-American media has for being “anti-Black” and pointed fingers at several outlets, including “The Breakfast Club,” which is co-hosted by Charlamagne.

Charlamagne was not happy and named Stanfield “Donkey of the Day.”

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The radio host laid into the actor by saying, “What you won’t do is ever fix your lips to call one of my platforms, especially The Breakfast Club,’ anti-Black.”

He continued, “I’m not going to sit here and act like we’ve gotten it right all the time, because we haven’t. We’ve made plenty of mistakes on this radio… All that critique is fine. But, Lakeith Stanfield, don’t you ever fix your raggedy-ass mouth to call the author of “Black Privilege,” because I truly believe it is a privilege to be Black, anti-Black.”

He also accused Stanfield of not talking to Black media on the red carpets and only chatting with white outlets.

Charlemagne stressed that LaKeith is not calling out white media, which is damaging as well but claims he is afraid to do so because it would hurt him in Hollywood.

Charlamagne addressed several interviews where LaKeith wasn’t the shining example of Black positivity. For example, in an interview, Charlamagne said Stanfield was “sniffing his feet and licking his toes in front of the white man.”

The shock jock was absolutely brutal on the actor. Listen below:

Stanfield has not responded and he might want to lay low on this one.


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