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Aracist white woman who attacked Black men at a subway station in New York City has gone viral. Now she has been accused of another assault and there are increased calls for this apparent thug and menace to society to be arrested.

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A Twitter account with the handle @D0ughLyfe first posted the video to Twitter on Sunday. It had received more than 900,000 views as of Wednesday morning. The woman has not been identified but social media is doing their best to expose her.

In doing so, another Twitter user who goes by the name @Jesimangoss came forward to claim that she, too, was the victim of an assault at the hands of the unidentified racist woman. “This same woman assaulted me and when I defended myself she said some pretty racist things too,” the tweet said. “Be careful y’all!”

One Twitter user joined the chorus of calls for the woman to be arrested by posting the phone number to the local police precinct. “Here’s the number to the 44th precinct (Bronx). 718-590-5511,” the tweet said. “Insist they arrest this abusive, creepy, drunk woman, she hit him twice. Let them know THIS WILL NOT STAND. I called tonight already.”


The victim in the video revealed he went to the police on Monday but claimed they did nothing, “So I just left my local police station the 44th police precinct to be exact and White Officer Jocaby told me this is not assault and she wasn’t racist she only called me a nigger one time and I was following her.” Despite video evidence to the contrary, he tweeted that police said what happened was harassment, not assaulted.


In case you missed it, the video shows a white woman in the New York City subway calling a Black man the N-word. She is stalking him and at least one other person with him. See below:

A tweet that posted the video described the encounter on Twitter.

Bro literally no back story I’m one of the guys in the video I was just walking minding my business and she just started saying disrespectful shit like how we are peasants and both broke then we kept walking and that’s where the video start,” the tweet said.

He also said that she called him and his friend a homophobic slur.

Let’s hope this woman is exposed soon.


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