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The investigation into the murder of 18-year-old Barnard College student, Tessa Majors, recently took a turn as it was revealed that racist robocalls were being left on the voicemails of her college, as well as Columbia University, Barnard College’s sister school, on Christmas Day.

Majors was brutally stabbed in a robbery-gone-wrong while in Morningside Park on Dec. 11.

MORE: Barnard Murder Investigation Takes ‘Racist’ Turn With White Supremacist Robocalls

A new report from the New York Daily News has pinpointed the source of the racist calls to an Idaho-based hate group who is known for taking advantage of current events as a means of spreading hateful messages.

The voicemail names Majors and compares her alleged teen killers to “dangerous animals.” The message then spews “repugnant” remarks, which includes blaming the college student’s parents for her death, the Daily News reports.

“The calls were certainly hateful in nature and racially motivated, and come from a known entity that’s been behind calls like this before. It referenced the homicide of Tessa Majors and connected racially-motivated comments to that,” said NYPD Deputy Commissioner John Miller.

The call concludes by mentioning The Road to Power, which is a white supremacist group based in Sandpoint, Idaho that, according to The Anti-Defamation League, has targeted others using similar phone campaigns in California, Idaho, Iowa, Florida, Georgia and Pennsylvania.

It has not been confirmed if The Road to Power is the specific group responsible for making the racist calls to Barnard College and Columbia University.

However, as the investigation is still underway, new developments in the case are continuing to emerge. The unnamed 14-year-old, who had been on the run for more than two weeks, was located in the Bronx on Friday and taken in for questioning at a precinct in Upper Manhattan, CNN reported.

“Earlier today, we announced that we located the 3rd subject in the Tessa Majors Investigation. This was a significant development in the investigative process. After being taken into custody, his attorneys were present at the 26 precinct for the entire investigative process,” NYPD Chief of Detectives Rodney Harrison tweeted.

The teen was not charged and released into the custody of his attorneys.

DNA evidence was collected from the 14-year-old and according to a report from CBS2, the forensic evidence will aid in the case. Reports say that the DNA the teen provided to his attorneys could be used to potentially match evidence found at the scene.

Police have already arrested and charged 13-year-old Zyairr Davis with felony murder after purportedly admitting to his role in the killing, while being interviewed without a lawyer present.

The second 14-year-old turned himself in for questioning with a guardian and lawyer present, and was released. The charges against him were dropped. The NYPD refused to discuss why the teen was not charged.


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