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The LSU Tigers football team defeated Clemson for the college football national championship Monday night with an ending score of 42-25. Among the praise they received following their win, the team also took a trip to the Oval Office to visit President Donald Trump. And while the speech Trump gave in front of members of the team where he referred to his impeachment and called himself a “son of a b*tch” is a hot topic on Twitter, what folks are really trying to figure out is, who’s the white woman doing the “Get the Gat” challenge with LSU players in the White House?

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A TikTok video began circulating Twitter featuring a white woman doing the dance along with members of the team. Her name is Gemi Bordelon and apparently, she is the wife of former LSU offensive guard and tackle, Ben Bordelon. Bordelon also played offensive tackle for the San Diego Chargers in 1997.

The dance appears to have been created by a rap artist named Subtweet Shaw and became a “#challenge” on Twitter. It seemingly rose to popularity with the help of a few players on the team, including LSU wide receivers Ja’Marr Chase and Justin Jefferson, Grant Delpit who plays safety, and tight end Jamal Pettigrew.

The dance is done to a New Orleans bounce record called, “Get The Gat” by Lil Elt, which according to Rolling Stone came out in 1992.

“Me and Shawn communicated on social media and then we started hanging out with Grant and Mal. So, that’s how we came together and he just got us all to do the ‘Get the Gat’ challenge. It was started off,” Chase said in an interview via the Tiger Details YouTube page when asked about the growing popularity of the dance. “I think people just enjoy seeing us having fun and that’s how we get people to have fun with us. The more we have fun, the more other people have fun with us.”

According to WAFB, Delpit tweeted a video in late December introducing folks and LSU fans to the challenge.

LSU alum Odell Beckham Jr. was also seen doing the dance while celebrating the team’s win against Clemson on Monday. That same day, the Cleveland Browns’ wide receiver slapped the buttocks of a Mercedes Benz Superdome police officer, which resulted in a warrant for simple assault being issued.


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