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Kenneth Glasgow

Source: Houston County Jail

Al Sharpton‘s half-brother, Kenneth Glasgow, faces some serious charges that could put a dent in his community activism.

According to, the pastor, who also faces capital murder charges from 2018, was booked into the Houston County Jail in Alabama around 1 a.m. on Sunday. He was charged with unlawful possession of a controlled substance, assault and tampering with evidence, according to jail records. The charges stemmed from an incident where Glasgow allegedly had a scuffle with an officer in Dothan, Alabama on Saturday night.

“Allegedly, Mr. Glasgow had an unspecified amount of crack inside his pocket, and as the officer attempted to place Glasgow under arrest a struggle began, injuring the officer. Evidence was also tampered with,” said Dothan Police Lt. Doug Magill.

Because of these new charges, Houston County prosecutors are reportedly drawing up documents to revoke Glasgow’s bond on the capital murder charges.

Glasgow was charged with capital murder back in March 2018 after a man who was a passenger in his vehicle, Jamie Towns, shot and killed 23-year-old Breunia Jennings. According to, Dothan Chief of Police Steven Parrish said it appears Jennings stole Towns’ vehicle. “Instead of him notifying law enforcement, he took matters in his own hands and jumped in Mr. Glasgow’s vehicle to find Breunia Jennings,” explained Parrish. Jennings was shot in the head and pronounced dead at the scene. It’s not clear if Glasgow knew that Towns was going to shoot Jennings. A grand jury has yet to determine whether they’ll indict Glasgow on the capital murder charge.

Glasgow argues that the intense charges were in retribution for his decades of activism around prisoner rights. According to Dothan Eagle, the 52-year-old has been involved with several community groups after spending time in prison for drug charges in the late 1980s. Once he was released, Glasgow founded The Ordinary People Society, a ministry geared towards those who “suffer the effects of drug addiction, mass-incarceration, homelessness, poverty, unemployment, hunger and illness,” reads their website. Glasgow has also advocated for the restoration of voting rights to ex-felons and he assisted with the start of Moma Tina’s Mission House in Dothan, along with his mom.

Glasgow was hit with the capital murder charge because even though he’s not accused of shooting the gun, under Alabama law, a person believed to have aided or abetted a crime is equally liable for the underlying crime. A person convicted of a capital crime can face life in prison without parole or the death penalty in Alabama.


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