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In his usual petty fashion, Donald Trump is ridiculing his opponents with memes and the most random videos.

In one instance, presidential opponent Joe Biden made himself an easy target after his interview with Charlamagne Tha God last Friday when he said, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump then you ain’t black!?”

The comment naturally received backlash, with many people calling out Biden’s arrogance, especially at a time when the Republican opposition already has a history of racist generalizations. Now is not the time to generalize and assume Black people will vote for you when the 2020 elections are already so delicate.


Although Biden eventually apologized, Republicans were fully prepared to use his comments against him.

The prime opportunist was, of course, Trump, who came out the gate ridiculing Biden.

Over the weekend, his campaign swiftly started fundraising with “#YouAintBlack” t-shirts, according to The Hill. The shirts cost $30 and they were on Trump’s campaign shopping site within hours of the Biden backlash.

Trump is continuing his smear agenda with a video uploaded to Facebook. The clip shows what seems to be stock footage of a funeral from outside the U.S. where Black pallbearers are honoring a lost loved one by dancing with the casket. However, in Trump’s clip, the “Biden President” campaign logo is superimposed over the casket. The music that the pallbearers dance to — which is most likely not apart of the original video — is some random electronic dance music.


Biden apologized for being “such a wise guy” and said his comment to Charlamagne Tha God on The Breakfast Club was made in jest.

“I should not have been so cavalier,” he reportedly said. “I’ve never, never, ever taken the African American community for granted.”

Outside of the “you ain’t Black” comment, Biden’s Breakfast Club interview covered a variety of topics that concern Black voters.

When discussing the coronavirus’ disproportionate impact on Black people, Biden referred to the issues as  “institutional racism.”

“The blinders, in my view, have been taken off,” Biden said.

When Charlamagne turned the conversation to Black voters and whether Biden was taking them for granted, the former vice president admitted that Black people are owed by the Democratic Party. However, he questioned the idea that he hasn’t always been in support of Black causes.

He cited his home state of Delaware as having the 8th largest Black population in the U.S. as his proof that he had Black people’s concerns in mind. “I get overwhelming support from the Black leadership, young and old,” he said. “Give me a break here, this is where I come from!” He also referenced his past as a public defender and claimed he was the only white person “who worked in the projects.”

When the talk transitioned into the controversial 1994 crime bill, Biden downplayed its impact on the prison population boom. “The crime bill didn’t increase mass incarceration — other things increased mass incarceration,” he said before pointing to “a vast majority of the Black Caucus at the time supporting the crime bill.”

Clearly, Biden will still have a lot to answer to as the elections continue.


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