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“Your shouts of liberty and equality are hollow mockery…”

– Frederick Douglass “What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July,” 1852

I am writing this under Klandemic Stress Disorder and only justice can neutralize my trauma.

Let me be PERFECTLY clear: BLACK PEOPLE in AMERICA are NOT going into 2021 under this duress. It is unsustainable. So I ask White America, what do you want?

This is a necessary bonfire, for equality is merely a glorified concept consistently disproven. The achievable goal can and should be fairness. I don’t believe in utopia, therefore I don’t believe we can “all just get along.” My opinion is backed by history, not temporal Kumbaya idealism. Since being separated from the Gods we once knew, we’ve asked the good Lord to forgive the sins of our oppressor. As of now – we’re all prayed out. There will be no brainwashed obedience under persecution. No more kneeling, now we’re standing up, so please, have a seat.

Allow me to set the table for those who hate us most, as well as the white liberals who say they hate us least. We’re all guilty of saying we need to “have an uncomfortable conversation” but stop short of raw honesty. Let’s strip ourselves of considerate words like “disproportionately” and “marginalized” and just talk like everyone has at least one racist bone in their body.

I no longer care that you’re racist, I can accept that. It’s time to re-negotiate freedom. Don’t be scared, own the hate you give. This is your moment. Take advantage of it while you have a leader that likes to make business deals and supports aggressive division. No need to kill democracy just to kill us – we’re right here and we ain’t going nowhere. So I ask again, WHAT DO YOU WANT?

The way I see it, even if your president is voted out of office, there’s still at least 63 million that live among us; and there ain’t enough free storage on our phones to record all the tantrums of every Tom, Dick and Karen. This viral tar and feather is getting pathetically embarrassing, yet oddly necessary. That’s why we need to skip all the “gotcha” shaming and deal with our tribal disdain head-on.

“Go back to Africa!”

Raise your hand if you want Black people to go back to Africa. Do it. Do it while no one is looking. Good. Now, do it by poll, then by ballot. It was not so long ago that Brexit seemed inconceivable but look at them now. With that said, I’m sorry to disappoint but going back to Africa is an impractical exodus. However, my Klandemic Stress Disorder (KSD) is causing me to have lucid dreams of a new system – one that creates peace by embracing hate. I’m literally typing in my DMX voice, “what these cr-ckers want from a n-gga? Somebody let me knoooow!” This is what KSD looks like.

Say it loud, “I’m white and I’m proud!”

No more white exemption. No more hate groups in the shadows of the dark web. No more ‘white power’ gang signs and cryptic monikers for the N-word. No more cowardly mass shootings in Black churches. No more child separation of Hispanic immigrants. No more spreading disinformation with photoshop and video edits. No more infiltration of progressive organizations to frame or cause dysfunction of a movement. No more cheating to support your false theories of natural selection. No more planting contraband for arrest quotas. No more bodycam “malfunctions.” No more falsifying police reports. No more intimidating whistleblowers who are fellow officers. No more abuse of a Taser, a dog, a gun, a coroner, a prosecutor, a judge, a grand jury and a whole system that protects your declaration of supremacy. Most importantly, no more denying the existence of racism in law enforcement – don’t ever, ever, ever, ever say “bad apples” again – just own it.

I’m so dizzy from the euphemistic spin and gaslight deflection where the real causes are ignored. I’m fatigued by double-standard semantics and nauseated by the shameless hypocrisy that is highly visible in the court of social media. I suffer from these ailments while images of Black bodies trapped, tortured and murdered carousel my newsfeed. This is KSD. So knowing my symptoms and knowing we haven’t truly recovered from the Civil War, I seriously ask, can there be dual nationalism under one nation?

News flash: We ain’t going back to slavery but perhaps we can reimagine segregation. What would that look like in the 21st century? Is there a way to create a society optionally separate but equal? Well, my KSD allows me to fantasize about it. Picture this:

Instead of using every trick in the book to redline real estate and gerrymander votes, save your energy – let’s just re-zone. White people can have a few Mid-West States all to themselves and other states would be divided into three sovereign zones: White, Black and Neutral.

The White district can live in supremacy heaven, legally prohibiting other races and non-Christians. This would be a place of ultimate “liberties” where you can stockpile weapons, ban same-sex marriage, outlaw abortion clinics, legalize meth and erect all the Confederate statues you want. When your pure-blooded denizens lust for miscegenation, you can choose the consequence of punishment. There will be no more Mexicans stealing your jobs because you will not be permitted to use any other race to exploit labor (which also means you gotta make your own Mexican food). However, if you want to allow Hispanics who identify as white to live in your district, so be it – you’re welcome, Rafael Eduardo Cruz and George Zimmerman.

Universities, national parks and major cities will be Neutral zones functioning in full accordance with Constitutional law. However, if you live in a White District and want your hair done by a gay hairdresser, there will be an additional tax.

This Neo-segregation alleviates issues of displacement and gentrification. It also reduces Republican co-opting and Democrat presumption of the Black vote; because living in segregated self-interest truly allows there to be a third political party as a viable option. The way I see it, what is the skill set of all the Stephen Millers and Steve Bannons without their hatred for Blacks, Mexicans and Muslims? None of these targeted groups in America want white subjugation. Therefore, there would be no threat and no group to blame.

On another note, among the Black community, this Neo-segregation would subside the growing divide of so-called “free thought” which tends to create a ‘coon vs. contrarian’ dilemma depending on the messenger, especially for Black celebrities who are often positioning themselves for more money and power and not necessarily the best interest of the people. Skipping over Kanye, the Black MAGA community needs to ask itself: What is the purpose of a Candace Owens other than being a token tool for the GOP? What comes out of her mouth isn’t conservatism – it’s plantation porn. I’m so over giving legitimacy to this buffoonery. Let’s be real, do you think anyone at Fox News has ever invited Diamond and Silk to their homes for dinner? Furthermore, I haven’t heard your president call any Black person a “true patriot” and there’s an obvious reason why.

So I ask again, White America, what do you really want?

This country will be 244 years old on July 4th – the social experiment of a more perfect union is not working very well. Furthermore, a large percentage of the population doesn’t want it to work and will do anything to sabotage forced attrition of equality. This reluctance makes me question advancement. So I ask, will the popular vote keep meaning nothing? Are we supposed to desperately place faith in the good health of a Supreme Court justice and the moral integrity of openly biased life-appointed federal judges? The timing of two terms can easily change the course of this country for the next 50 years, even if the vast majority of the people are pointing in the opposite direction. That makes no sense.

I’m not advocating segregation based on hating white people, I’m advocating solutions based on white people hating everybody else. Therefore I’d rather have honest, uncomfortable negotiations of segregation than helplessly witness the engineering of more deceptive socio-economic asphyxiation cloaked as a fair progressive democracy.

The confluence of this moment is uniquely symbolic of racism as a public health emergency – a crisis that affects us all. I believe this, too, shall pass. However, I believe this, too, shall repeat if not properly treated. White America is Black America. It is the same blood. In order for our intrinsic humanity to flourish, we can no longer allow the transfusion of justice to be tainted.

White America has lost all moral authority so the response must be genuine. The reason this nationwide protest feels different is that it’s tearing down the fence so many were comfortable straddling. I acknowledge the so-called “good” whites on the frontlines as well as the solidarity around the world, but the slow drip of love and respect, no matter how potent the individual bond or gesture, simply can’t out-pace the irrigation intentionally designed to poison the wells. Reminder, the public outrage we’re witnessing isn’t just about the horrific murder of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd – it’s about the inaction of law enforcement to make any arrest without public pressure.

Five years ago, under similar trauma, I proposed enacting a policy of Three Strikes for Cops. Some may think it’s too lenient, others will think it’s too harsh. All I know is we need substantive action – immediately. WE MUST DEMAND POLICE LEGISLATION THAT PENALIZES BRUTALITY AND AUTOMATICALLY INDICTS THE KILLERS OF UNARMED CITIZENS. If you don’t want that, white America, now is the time to say what you REALLY want.

Trevor is a creative mercenary and ethical lobbyist born and raised on Beale Street. Follow him on Twitter @trevbetter.


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