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Black Lives Matter Protesters

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iOne Digital stands in solidarity with all things Black.

Activism is multifaceted. We need soldiers on the streets. We need financial backers. We need organizers. We need pray warriors. And, we need storytellers. iOne Digital has long been committed to sharing Black stories, fighting for Black lives and championing Black success. Each day our team remains committed to magnifying one simple truth: Black lives have always mattered.

Together our community mourns the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, Breonna Taylor, David McAtee, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Atatiana Jefferson and countless others who’ve suffered abuse, despair and heartache due to pervasive racist violence in America.

As we move into a different phase in the fight for social justice, we implore our community to finance the movement, engage in the movement, and to remain devoted to those who tell our stories, from our lens. Here’s how.

Donate Your Dollars, Consistently. Our leadership and activism must have funding. Find Black-led organizations that align with our goals, such as Black Visions Collective, The National Bail Out Collective, and Until Freedom, and invest in them regularly to ensure that have the resources to continue our fight. View this list to find local resources to support.

Find Your Role. We are all in this fight. Spread the word. Join local organizations. Send resources. Withhold financial support from companies. Engage in active prayer. Determine how you can support creating change.

Beware of Those Who Wish to Co-opt the Movement. Look beyond the hashtag. Follow the official sites of movement leaders for directives. Go to the main content hubs for organizations such as Black Lives Matter, Until Freedom and NAACP for facts and actions steps.

We stand together.

—The Editorial Team, iOne Digital

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