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Karen road rage video

Source: Instagram / Karlos Dillard

A white woman driver was apparently more worried about becoming the next star of a viral “Karen” video than she was about allegations of her own racist road rage after a Black motorist confronted her on film in Seattle. A man named Karlos Dillard uploaded the footage to his Instagram account showing a hysterical white woman who, in between shrieks and sobs, cowered in fear and resorted to a number of racist tropes under the false auspices that she was being “attacked.”

It was one of the more remarkable displays of “Karening” since the phenomenon of white women misguidedly flexing their white privileges on camera officially became a thing in the middle of the pandemic.

“This Karen cut me off, break checked me and then followed me for 4 blocks,” Dillard explained when he posted the video to his Instagram. “When I started recording her antics she peeled off and tried to get away with her racism. I had time today to let her know that i am not the one. I’m glad SEVERAL white and black people saw her racism and had my back.”

In this particular instance, Karen’s jig was up from the start. The video begins with Dillard driving up behind Karen’s reversing car in a driveway, blocking her from leaving. That’s when he got out of his car, cellphone camera recording in one hand, and Karen got out of hers.

The first thing she told Dillard was, “I have a Black husband!” Whether truthful or not, when that line didn’t work, Karen began having an apparent mental breakdown complete with physical convulsions and repeated shrieks of some variation of, “You’re attacking me right now!”

Of course, the camera showed no such attack. Instead, Dillard quickly got to the heart of the matter.

“You flipped me off and you thought you could get away with it,” he said. “You didn’t think I would find you.”

But when Dillard panned the camera over to Karen’s license plate number, that’s when she really lost it, screaming unintelligibly.

Dillard explained Karen’s alleged racist road rage to the growing group of bystanders and said he was looking for one thing and one thing only.

“She can apologize for calling me a nigger and flipping me off,” he said.

Kren, covering her face in shame at this point, screamed, “You’re gonna ruin my life and you don’t even know me!”

That’s when, of course, a white man walks up and instantly believes Karen and confronts Dillard by blindly blaming him for her loud shrieking. When a separate witness corroborated Dillard’s account — “she started the whole thing,” a woman’s voice can be heard off-camera — the white man seems undeterred and still says, “you need to leave.”

As more white neighbors begin comforting Karen, she and Dillard establish a dialogue, albeit one where Karen felt she had to have some white protectors around her. Still sobbing, Karen stays true to her victim role. After Dillard places his phone in his pocket to make Karen feel safer — “You’re not gonna be on Instagram” — she explains her histrionics: “But he called me a Karen!”

Dillard responded by putting things in a perspective that Karen likely had a hard time understanding.

“I’m a Black gay man and I live my life going through this every day,” Dillard said. “Just spread love and happiness.”

When she wants to “explain my perception” to Dillard, he simply tells, her, “I do not care.”

People can be heard in the background yelling at Dillard for him to give Karen a chance — and to leave.

She finally manages to say, “I’m sorry,” in between sobs and wails. Introducing herself as Leah, She says no one knows “how much I love humanity.”

Dillard, finally having enough of Karen, told her, “I don’t want to hear your white tears.”

Watch the nearly 15-minute video unfold below.


This could have gone left quickly if a cop arrived, especially in Seattle where police have been clashing with protesters

Karlos, like many Black and brown people, apparently reached his own boiling point after Karen’s alleged display of arrogant and privileged racism provided the straw that broke Karlos’ back. 

As of Tuesday morning, Dillard was looking to monetize his pain in the form of selling t-shirts with phrases that Leah the “Karen” had the never to mutter during their encounter.

When called out about trying to make money from the encounter, Dillard said he was a comedian but that there was nothing funny about the video.

This was the latest installment in what seems like a nonstop stream of “Karen” videos. In recent days, we’ve seen Karens do everything from literally crying about how long she had to wait in a line at McDonald’s for her breakfast; to using a baby stroller with a whole baby inside to block a Black mother from reversing out of a parking spot at a grocery store; to a woman in San Francisco who called cops on a man who wrote “Black Lives Matter” in chalk on his own property.

Yet, somehow, more Karening happens in Seattle.

This is America.


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