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Kristy Ann Wilker "Karen" video

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Another day, another Karen gets exposed.

We already know Karens are not exactly fond of Black people, whether they realize it or not. But this time around, Karen — presented in the form of a nurse — seemed to not only be cognizant of her disdain for Black folks, but she also advertised it while recording a selfie video complaining about “Black privilege” (which, of course, doesn’t exist) and suggested George Floyd was to blame for his own death that a medical examiner called a homicide.

This Karen, who also happens to go by the name of Kristy Ann Wilker, was employed as a nurse by Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne, Indiana; that is until administrators caught wind of her racist rant that went viral on social media. Wilker was fired this week. A human resources worker at Lutheran Hospital confirmed Wilker’s termination in an email to a woman named Alesha Brown.

Wilker’s racist hate and overall anti-Black rhetoric were apparently stoked by the ongoing protests against racism, police violence and their often deadly combination.

“Black privilege is thinking you are deserved or entitled to something because of the color of your skin,” Wiker begins the misguided video by saying. “They — people, Black people especially do get special scholarships. They are also shielded from a lot of scrutiny because of the color of their skin.”

From there it only gets worse, complete with Wilker lying that she’s “not a racist.”

Those telling words paved the way for her to blame Floyd’s death on himself. Despite video evidence to the contrary, Wilker insisted that Floyd was resisting arrest and suggested that the coronavirus helped him die, not necessarily the knee of Derek Chauvin, which applied pressure on Floyd’s neck to the point that, again, a medical examiner called it a homicide.

“He started to have a freakout panic attack when they put him in the car probably because he was high on meth, Fentanyl and positive for COVID,” Wilker said about Floyd. “Was the police officer’s foot in the wrong spot? Maybe but, you know, um, meth and Fentanyl and positive COVID are probably more leading factors to an [myocardial infarction] so do your research.”

Wilker wasn’t even close to being done, though.

She advised people to “rise above” the police killings, saying that, “Some things will always be.”

Wilker then circled back to her “Black privilege” talking point that showcased her resentment for Black people who throw their history “in white people’s face so that they can get what they want and get respect.”

Wilker reportedly has a long history of being racist toward Black people. Watch her unfortunate video below.

Wilker is far from the only Karen who has emerged amid a pandemic and protests for racial equality. Just this past weekend, a white woman in Seattle was filmed during her Karen meltdown after she was called out for her racist behavior toward a Black driver.

There are also “Karen’s husbands” to contend with, as shown also this past weekend in Connecticut, where a group of Black men was confronted by an angry white man who pepper sprayed them. “White lives matter too,” the unidentified man was shown saying angrily on video.

This is America.


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