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Despite health experts repeatedly reminding people that wearing a mask is one of the top ways to prevent both spreading and contracting the coronavirus, many Americans have been resolute in their wholesale rejection of the face coverings that are mandatory in many places. In many cases, “Karens” — white women exerting their perceived privileges despite being very much in the wrong — have been leading the pack on that front.

That seemed to be the case at a Target store in Scottsdale, Arizona, where an unidentified Karen (who may very well have been suffering from a mental illness manic episode) decided to document her disdain for face coverings by filming herself live on Instagram by violently destroying an innocent display of masks. She, like many other Karens, decided to take matters into her own hands, only this time it was quite literal.

The unidentified white woman who never showed herself on film trained her camera on the display of face coverings, starting the video by saying ominously, “finally, we meet the end of the road.”

She continued: “I’ve been looking forward to this shit all my fucking life,” she said zooming in on the face masks before declaring to “Target, I’m not playing any more games!”

And with that, Karen began violently knocking and pulling off the masks from their racks and throwing them all over the floor. The more violently she swipes, the louder and more aggressive her voice can be heard getting.

Cursing up a storm, Karen doesn’t finish until there is not a single face mask left on any of the racks that were hanging on the store’s display over the course of the nearly one-minute-long video.

When two store associates approached Karen to find out what the problem was, she defended throwing the masks on the floor and asked why she couldn’t do it. “Because I’m a blonde white woman?” she asked before bringing attention to her “40,000 fucking Rolex.”

Watch the madness unfold below.

The video ended there before another began after she ended up in police custody.

With her camera filming a police officer (who was wearing a mask), Karen says spewing some unintelligible political mumbo jumbo in an effort to defend her illegal actions. As the lead officer’s questions are met with answers cloaked in references to government conspiracy theories, he finally says, “OK, I think we have enough here.”

He then asks Karen to put down her phone but instead, she taunts him and says he’s being recorded on Instagram. “Say cheese,” Karen said.

That’s when all three of the responding officers moved in to handcuff and arrest Karen in an effort to keep her from doing any more harm, including to herself. Interestingly enough, the lead officer can be heard apologizing to Karen as he arrests her, saying “I’m sorry,” pointing to Karen’s privileges enjoyed even while under arrest.

This Karen video was just the latest in a long line of increasing installments that underscore the sense of entitlement many white women wield on a daily basis in various scenarios. From pretending to be attacked by a nonviolent Black bird watcher to crying about how long the wait in a McDonald’s drive-thru was to pulling a gun on a Black family over an argument at Chipotle to now this woman destroying a display of face masks in Target, Karens have emerged as yet another unfortunate theme in this unfortunate year.


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