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As Election Day nears, NBA star LeBron James is furthering his efforts to ensure that individuals exercise their right to vote. According to ESPN, the Los Angeles Lakers player has teamed up with the MLB’s Los Angeles Dodgers to transform Dodger Stadium into a polling site for the November election.

The effort is being led through James’ nonprofit More Than a Vote; an organization that he launched in June to encourage the Black community to register to vote and to spread awareness about voter suppression tactics being used throughout the country. The partnership with the Dodgers is historic as it is the first time an MLB team has utilized a stadium as a voting center. Amid the pandemic, Dodger Stadium was used as a coronavirus testing site and a space to distribute food for families battling food insecurity. The polling site will be open five days prior to November 3 for all registered voters in Los Angeles to cast their votes.

James says the collaboration with the Dodgers is a step forward towards cultivating safe spaces for voting. “We are all in this together,” James said in a statement, according to the news outlet. “I’m really proud we were able to help the Dodgers become the first MLB stadium to open for voting. This is exactly why we created More Than a Vote. A lot of us now working together and here for every team who wants to follow the Dodgers lead and turn their stadium into a safer place for voting.” He hopes more baseball teams will follow suit and allow their stadiums to be used as polling places.

James and his team have been leading transformational efforts through More Than a Vote. According to CNN, the organization donated $100,000 to a fund created by the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition to help Florida residents that were convicted of felonies pay off fees that prevented them from being able to vote.


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