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Arizona drunken "Karen"

Source: crosseyedobgyn / Reddit

In Arizona, a drive-thru “Karen” berated a Black guy hanging with his friends, and she did it in drunken fashion.

A video of the incident was uploaded to Reddit as part of an Arizona-centered online group. The nearly two-minute video shows the woman exiting her vehicle at a fast-food drive-thru lane and shouting something incomprehensible at the people inside the truck, who were laughing and playing music. At one point, the group inside the truck turns down the music and the woman can be heard reprimanding them for laughing at her.

“You’re f*cking laughing. You laughing now? Keep f*cking laughing bro,” she says.

She then proceeds to single out a Black guy within the group, by shouting, “You want to know why? You want to know f*cking why? Cause you Black b*tch. You f*cking Black. You Black hanging out with rich White kids, and that’s your problem!”

The guys inside the truck continue to mumble and brush off the woman’s comments as she keeps yelling. “F*ck you! Oh, I’m getting you pissed now. I’m getting you f*cking pissed now. Cause that is your f*cking sh*t,” she shouted.

It’s not clear what led to the woman’s tirade. However, soon she starts yelling, “nah, nah, nah, nah,” as if singing a song.

Master P‘s “Make ‘Em Say Uhh!” maybe?

Eventually, the woman turns her attention to the white people in the car, yelling, “You know what’s so good is you ignorant white f*cks,” she tells them. “You little millennials sitting here videotaping my ass.”

When one of the guys asks the woman’s age, she goes off on another tangent before unleashing some off-tune humming once again. Not too long afterward, the Black guy gets out of the vehicle and walks to the driver’s side in front of the camera. He mockingly says, “Crikey!” as everybody else starts laughing. “Look at this species, mate,” he continues in a fake Australian accent, supposedly imitating Steve Irwin.

He then calmly tells the woman to get back in her car, saying, “If the cops come, we’re all f*cked. So why don’t we all get in our cars and just calm down?” Soon after, the video ends abruptly.


The video serves as another instance of a “Karen” letting out her racism on camera. To make matters worse, she exited from the driver’s side of her vehicle, suggesting she could’ve been driving under the influence. No reports have surfaced of any accidents or arrests made.


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