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A local activist in Louisville, Kentucky, claims a second grand juror in the Breonna Taylor case wants to go on record regarding the proceedings.

The revelation, made by organizer Christopher 2X, comes less than one week after the transcripts were made public due to an unnamed juror who filed a motion for the transcripts to be released.

According to CNN, 2X is the head of an organization called Game Changers, seeking to eradicate gun violence through education.

“It was obvious that not only the original grand juror who filed is feeling something,” 2X said at a press conference Sunday afternoon according to the Louisville Courier-Journal. “Now we’ve got a number, and who knows … how many more want to feel freely to say, ‘Here’s my version of what happened with the Breonna Taylor evidence that we were presented with.'”

The additional juror will wait to come forward until after a hearing for the first juror concludes on Wednesday.

2X believes the jurors going on public record will help restore trust between the community, severely broken in the aftermath of an indictment which sought to gain retribution for inanimate objects over human life.

“Until we can have real-life individuals who studied the situation as it relates to their civic duty and then allow them to do — what we would think would be the unthinkable — is to describe to the community how they felt about it. Deeper than any tapes that can be released,” he said.

People across the nation and the globe continue to rally behind Taylor’s case after a grand jury indicted Brett Hankison, only one of the involved officers in the case. After the deliberations Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron gained criticism when it became painfully evident that he did not provide the jury with enough information to advocate for justice in Breonna’s name. The release of the grand jury proceedings propelled disgust with the justice system and revealed layers of confusion and negligence in regards to what was presented to jurors from September 21-23.

FBI investigators are in the midst of concluding a probe into  the night of March 13, when Taylor was shot to death in her apartment during a botched raid. Investigators are also working alongside 2X and local organizers to set up a series of community engagement meetings to establish transparency.

In September, the city of Louisville settled with Taylor’s family for $12 million dollars, marking one of the largest settlements between law enforcement and a civilian in a police-involved shooting.


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