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Miya Ponsetto, the white woman dubbed as “SoHo Karen,” is now pulling out all the stops to evade responsibility for her violence in a video-recorded attack during which she assaulted Keyon Harrold Jr., the 14-year-old son of jazz artist Keyon Harrold, and falsely accused him of stealing her cell phone.

After she lunged and tackled the young Harrold to the ground, an Uber driver returned her misplaced phone.

The incident took place in the lobby of the Arlo Hotel in SoHo, a swank Manhattan neighborhood on Dec. 26. Ponsetto, 22, was in New York City reportedly visiting her father at the time.

NYPD officers made their way to California where Ponsetto resides to question her about the attack, according to NBC New York. The development capped an almost two-week journey that has yet to produce an arrest.

Ponsetto through her attorney claims that if Uber had promptly returned the phone the ordeal may have not taken place. Her attorney claims she’s suffering from anxiety and is far from racist.

“Miya is young, She let her emotions get the best of her. That phone could have been in hand of 90-year-old grandma, an Asian person.. someone Black or blue. It wasn’t a race related issue. Things took a life of their own,” Sharen Ghatan told NBC New York during a phone call.

“She was a scared girl alone in a city she doesn’t know and lost her one point of contact for her numbers. She lost her mind for a hot minute. She is sorry,” Ghatan added.

Throughout the last week, Ponsetto has distanced herself from the “Karen” moniker that’s bestowed upon white women who use their privilege to harass Black and non-white members of society with assumed authority. She claims that because she is of Puerto Rican heritage and works a 9-5 job, she is somehow absolved of falling into the lie of white supremacy.

Prior to speaking out, Ponsetto was seen visiting a Mcdonald’s on New Years Day in Piru, California.

The Harrolds, who are being represented by civil rights attorney Ben Crump, are calling for justice through a petition that has more than 100,000 signatures.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has opened an investigation and NYPD officials have already announced that Ponsetto could face upgraded charges of assault and possibly grand larceny or attempted robbery.

When that day will come…we’ll unfortunately just have to wait and see.


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