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Many of you think we just pull these stories out of thin air. But the amazing thing about America, the American public and the pundits who inform their views is that sometimes you don’t even have to TRY.

This morning Glenn Beck declared that “African-American” is not a race, seemingly in response to the controversy surrounding the recent Census decision to include “Negro” on the form. People all over are offended and/or confused but we’re curious: Could Glenn Beck be right?

We’ve noticed all the brouhaha in the comments about “negro” being meant for Spanish speakers, or “African-American” being as invalid a category as “negro.”

Is this merely a matter of semantics or is there a deeper dialogue to be had about political identity? We want to hear more from you!

If given a choice between “African-American” and “Negro,” what would you select on the Census form? And does this really matter? Does it make a difference to us, as a political constituency, whether the government views us as “Negros” or “Blacks” or “African-Americans”? Someone enlighten me here.



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