Calls to rename Las Vegas' airport for Harry Reid drew attention to the former Nevada Senator's unfortunate choice of words about Barack Obama's skin color and speech pattern.

Anna Marie Arpino, a 60-year-old candidate for Shreveport mayor, called Black people "Negroes" at an HBCU forum before allegedly calling a Black woman the N-word.

The House of Representatives passed a bill to replace racial labels like "Negro" from two federal regulations.

Viewers of an Australian talk show learned that some of their White neighbors and media personalities are perfectly fine with calling Black people "negroes."


Why did a Lockport, New York police department describe a Black shooting suspect as “negro?” Shamir Allen, 19, was identified as such in a police form that asked officers to list his “complexion.” Local news station WGRZ-TV questioned the police department to determine why they’ve chosen not to retire the outdated, segregation-era description. SEE ALSO: Gun Shop Owner Denies Hiring George Zimmerman For […]


Thomas Thorpe, 51, appeared before a judge and refused to have a lawyer represent him. “Do you understand what an attorney is and what they do?” asked the judge. “Yes, they screwed us,” Thorpe responded. Thorpe seemed in a hurry as the short hearing progressed, telling the judge he wanted to enter a plea without the assistance of […]