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Attorneys Reveal Evidence In Alleged Conspiracy By FBI And NYPD To Murder Malcolm X

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One week after a bombshell letter accused the NYPD and FBI of conspiring to assassinate civil rights leader Malcolm X, another stirring implication has been made.

Kelly Wood, the daughter of a deceased former NYPD officer is speaking out about a letter that purports to show that her father, Raymond Wood, was involved in the assassination plot. Wood’s daughter Kelly told NY1 that the letter is forged and called the release of the letter a “slanderous act” and a “stain” on the “reputation that he worked so to protect.”

“I know that my father did not write this letter,” Wood said. “I know that is not his signature and I know the envelope they’re using to somehow justify that the letter was mailed is also a fake.”

Wood’s nephew Reggie presented the information to Malcolm X’s daughters in hopes to submit it as evidence into his murder investigation. Last year the Manhattan District Attorney’s office announced it would review the case following the release of an in-depth documentary detailing the conspiracy theories around Malcolm X’s death.

In the letter Wood reportedly said that he played a role in the assassination plot by arresting two of Malcolm X’s security guards days before he was shot to death.

“I participated in actions that in hindsight were deplorable and detrimental to the advancement of my own Black people,” the letter says. “My actions on behalf of the New York City Police Department were done under duress and fear.”

The letter also states that Thomas Johnson, one of the men arrested in connection with Malcolm X’s murder, was wrongfully convicted.

Malcolm X’s family continues their fight to find out who was involved in the assassination of their father, who was killed 56 years ago.

“Any evidence that provides greater insight into the truth behind that terrible tragedy should be thoroughly investigated,” Ilyasah Shabazz, the daughter of Malcolm X said.

Wood believes that her cousin is positioning himself in order to gain publicity for an upcoming book release.

“My father is not a coward. He would have never, ever asked anyone to speak on his behalf after his passing. If he had something to say, he would have said it when he was alive,” Kelly Woods said.


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