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The COVID-19 pandemic has been a worldwide tragedy that has affected nearly every country on Earth in one way or another. By the time it’s all said and done, we imagine that everyone will have known someone who either got severely ill or passed away from this unprecedented disease.

Sadly, despite the grief and heartbreak that millions of people are feeling, many people have used the deadly pandemic as an excuse to siphon off state and federal funds meant to assist in order to enrich themselves.

You’ve likely heard many of these stories but this one is particularly egregious.

A Davenport, Florida couple has been arrested and charged with fraudulently obtaining $5.8 million in COVID-19 relief money to buy luxury cars, Louis Vuitton, and other over-the-top items that could never afford.

Like most of these types of dastardly dollar-bill degenerates, Julio Lugo and Rosenide Venant couldn’t help but flaunt their ill-gotten gains on social media similar to all the other criminals who have been arrested and imprisoned for the exact same thing.

According to Fox13News, Lugo and Venant submitted at least 70 false applications to the Small Business Administration for their shell companies and illegitimate companies in their family members’ names. Even more boldly, Lugo got COVID funds for a defunct tax preparation firm that he used previously in another illegal scheme back in 2015.

A Facebook video Lugo posted showed swanky hotel rooms with hundred dollar bills lining the sheets and what is estimated to be $5,000 in Louis Vuitton merchandise. Thursday, 44-year-old Lugo and 37-year-old Venant were charged with conspiracy and making false statements to a financial institution. They face 45 years and 35 years in prison, respectively.


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