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Samaria Rice and Shaun King

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Tamir Rice‘s mother used no uncertain terms when addressing Shaun King in a recent social media post that called him out for sharing the details of a recent conversation they had.

Samaria Rice, mother of a 12-year-old boy gunned down in 2014 by police in Cleveland within seconds of seeing him — is already an outspoken critic of social justice activists who she says are “chasing clout.” She doubled down on that sentiment on Tuesday by putting King on blast in an Instagram that questioned everything from his integrity to his race in response to the activist and journalist publishing an episode of his podcast that apparently included too much information for her liking.

She began the post with a simple question — “Why do you think it’s so important to tell folks we had a conversation? — before going on to say that King is trying to attract attention to himself instead of the social justice causes he purports to cares so much for.

Referring to reports that King allegedly embezzled thousands of dollars by exploiting her son’s name, Samaria Rice also revived criticism of King’s fundraising practices that came under fire when a 2015 Washington Post article couldn’t account for $60,000 in online donations.

“Personally I don’t understand how you sleep at night,” Samaria Rice added. “I never gave you permission to raise nothing.”

She went on to say her “cop and donut conversation” with King included “all lies” from him.

“Please stop thinking we’re on the same page,” Rice wrote. “As a white man acting black you are an imposter that can not be trusted.”

After repeating her plea for the Department of Justice to reopen an investigation into Tamir Rice’s murder, she punctuated her post by writing: “You are a selfish self centered person and God will deal with you White man.”

The episode in question, posted on King’s website on Tuesday, appears to be deactivated and was not listed among the previous “Breakdown with Shaun King” podcast installments, all of which were still active.

Samaria Rice in March offered some scathing criticism of several high-profile social justice activists, calling them “ambulance chasers” and publicly accusing them of exploiting controversial killings of Black people for financial gain. Also in March, Rice and Lisa Simpson, the mother of Richard Risher, a teenager killed by police officers in Los Angeles, called out King and other social justice activists in an open letter for not giving them “anything substantial for using our loved ones’ images and names on their flyers.”

And just last month, Rice made it a point to say that she had never met King.

“I ain’t never talked to Shaun King a day in my life,” she said in an interview with New York magazine. Shaun King raised all that money [for Tamir] and sent me a $60,000 check. I ain’t know Shaun King from a hole in the wall.”

The allegations that King was lining his pockets at the expense of Black death have dogged him for years.

In 2019, King, in the name of transparency, released a fundraising report that he said showed “every single penny I’ve raised since” the Black Lives Matter movement took off following Michael Brown‘s police killing in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014.

In response to King’s report, DeRay Mckesson — who once worked closely with King before they had an epic falling out that played out on Twitter years ago — implied King stole money from an organization called Justice Together.

“To date, it is not clear that Shaun filed the appropriate taxes for Justice Together, as there is no 990 form available for public review from the IRS website,” Mckesson wrote.

The families of Nia WilsonPhilando CastileTerence Crutcher and multiple other people killed in recent years, however, vouched for King. The family of Botham Jean has also had nothing but glowing words for King.


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