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Heart issues have plagued black American families for decades, but some of the issues are finally coming to light because they are affecting some of our favorite celebrities.

La La Anthony‘s latest revelation is a testament to the old proverb, you never know what someone is going through. We’ve watched her career expand from TRL host to actress, to mother, to wife, to stylista, but we didn’t know she was battling a heart condition. While the most recent years of her fame have revolved around her impending divorce to Carmelo Anthony, and acting career, her latest interview as Self Magazine’s  November cover star reveals she underwent a two-hour procedure to fix her abnormal heartbeat.

Reflecting on nearly passing out, in June, she hesitated to call the ambulance to her home out of fear of facing “scrutiny” from her new neighbors. She eventually called and recalls a moment with the EMT. “If you were my sister, I would say you have to go right now,” she revealed.

Like many of us, La La overlooked her symptoms as normal until her doctor flagged her frequent PVCs (Premature ventricular contractions).

“I felt my heart racing all the time, but because it’s all I ever really knew, I didn’t even know that it was necessarily something wrong,” she explains. “I just thought, Oh, you just feel your heart racing sometimes because you’re working too much, you haven’t slept, you’re stressed. You know, we, especially Black people, like to self-diagnose. We got all the answers.”

Doctors discovered her heart was beating “30,000 extra beats more than the average person.” She attempted to control her abnormal heartbeat with medicine, but it made her feel tired so she underwent a cardiac catheterization procedure.

Just a month after the procedure, La La’s divorce went public. “The people who know what’s going on or know the truth—my family, my friends—that’s who really matters to me. There was still such an outpouring of love and support, which meant so much to me. I appreciate that. I go through things. I file for divorce. Things happen. It’s life, and it’s not easy.”

You can read the full interview, here.


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