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Listen: We do a lot of joking around about the entitled and usually racist AF white women we affectionately call “Karens.” We have a good time collectively poking fun at their whininess, their bobbing-and-forgetting-to-weave Karen haircuts, their false belief that they’re in charge wherever they are, their life-long quest to speak to all of the world’s managers and their propensity to add raisins where raisins don’t belong.

But we often lose sight of how dangerous these understated white supremacists can be. We forget that these people believe the police to be their own personal negro removers. We forget that these thugs commit acts of violence and then play the victim when Black folks fight back. We forget that their tears are powerful enough to get books from Black authors banned from the classroom. We forget about the general harm caused when Black people are trying our best to mind our own business when suddenly we’re confronted by some white woman and her equally white racism.

So maybe it’s time for an intervention. And maybe this intervention really needs to start when they’re young lest they grow up to be the full-blown KK-Karens we encounter today on a regular basis.

So, I’m going to go ahead and nominate for our first Karen-tervention a white student from Castleberry High School in Fort Worth, Texas, according to Newsweek, who has recently been captured in viral video assaulting her Black teacher and then picking up the phone on her desk to tell her mother to talk to her teacher because “she’s Black and she’s f****** pissing me off.”

The video starts with the Black teacher making a phone call from her desk when this white girl who looks like Wednesday Adams’ arch-nemesis in literally every Adams Family movie walks her Karen-in-training self up to the desk and interrupts the call.

First, I gotta commend this Black woman for her restraint, because any of us who were raised by Black mothers, aunties and grandmothers know that interrupting a Black woman when she’s on the phone will get you knocked into next week and then knocked back to the present a week after the first knock out. But not only did this white girl end the teacher’s phone call, but she hit the woman on the arm and ordered her to “deal with me!”

“No, no, no, You touched me. I did not touch you!” the teacher said as she struggled to stay calm because she needs her job.

“I am calling my momma, you ain’t about to f*** me up b****!” the white girl who appears to love Black vernacular while hating Black people responds as she picks up the phone like she runs things around the classroom. (See, we’re already too late to catch her before her Karen-like sense of entitlement developed.)

Presumably speaking to her mother, the student can be heard saying, “You wanna talk to her? Because she’s black and she’s f****** pissing me off.”

Apparently, the student’s mother wasn’t trying to hear whatever the racist she raised was whining about because the student then frustratingly threw down the receiver and continued with her temper tantrum.

See, the only way we can set this Nazi Nancy in the making on the right path is to assemble a Karen Drop Squad and start rounding these menaces to society up and scaring them straight.

Otherwise, white teens like this girl from Texas will all end up like this next sad sack of entitlement, rhythmless-ness and cringy embarrassment.

I don’t even know the backstory on this one and I don’t need to. All I know is this white woman stood her pasty, Penguin-in-a-bikini self up, waddled over to where Black people were minding their own business and enjoying themselves and tried multiple times to turn their music off—another cardinal sin in the negro world.

After unsuccessfully trying to turn the music off after Black people refused to yield to her demand that they turn it down, this Karen got so upset that she started having some kind of spazzy flamingo seizure, which, honestly, should have had someone seeking medical attention. I mean, she’s white, entitled and probably racist, but she’s still human after all.

Wait—wait, was this woman actually trying to dance?

What in the Elane Benis from Seinfeld is going on here?

I’m not saying this Karen is definitely a Trump supporter, but she got those rhythm-deficient caucasian cha-cha slide dance steps from somewhere.

Guys, all I’m saying is we can’t just sit back and let the caucasified youth end up like this. Something has to be done for their own good and for the good of humanity.

Also, so Black people don’t end up getting arrested or worse for f***ing them up.


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