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From CNN:

Port-au-Prince, Haiti — On the first day of school after the earthquake, Medlika Rameau told her classmates about how she was trapped in the rubble of her house with her mother and little sister.

Rameau’s leg was pinned under concrete. Her mother wanted rescuers to amputate her left leg so she could be pulled out.

“I prefer to die with my two legs,” said the 13-year-old Wednesday, looking down at her small feet in flowery flip flops.

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When she heard her mother screaming and crying, she made one last push to get her leg out and free herself. She managed to escape with a big gash, now neatly bandaged.

She recounted her story from a makeshift classroom in the cemetery of a Catholic retreat center in the badly damaged neighborhood of Sainte Marie.

For Rameau and 400 other fellow students, Wednesday returned a huge sense of normalcy to their lives: school.

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