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At this point, it’s just really hard to tell what congressional candidate Vernon Jones is supposed to be. Is he a Republican? Is he a Democrat? Is he just a candidate from the party of tragically confused negroes? Is he a brand new resident of the Sunken Place still trying to find his place in the community, or is he a badge-wearing member of the Sunken Place HOA?

Here’s a Black man who went from being sued by white people for reverse discrimination to being endorsed by Donald Trump for Congress. He’s a man who was once a Democrat until he woke up one day and decided he was a Republican. Conservative whites don’t even seem to like him much—which is weird since they’re so desperate to find Black voices to cosign white supremacy—but Jones just keeps shucking and jiving along and being a Trump-stump.

Well, except during the 2020 presidential primarywhen Jones voted Democrat.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, public election records show that Jones used a Democratic ballot in the 2020 primary, despite his seemingly unwavering support for his orangey-white MAGA-massa’.

From AJC:

Jones, who calls himself the “Black Donald Trump,” backed the former president’s reelection bid in April 2020, when he was still a Democrat in the state House of Representatives.

Then on election day for the presidential primary on June 9, election records show Jones cast a Democratic Party ballot when voting in person at his DeKalb County precinct.

Voters are guaranteed a secret ballot, so it’s impossible to know which Democratic presidential candidate Jones voted for. But public records indicate which party’s ballot a voter requested in a primary.

So, whoever Jones voted for in the election, it couldn’t have been Trump and it was definitely someone GOP members don’t f*** with.

So, what’s going on with Jones? What set is he claiming really? Is he out here false flagging? Is he just an Aaron Burr-a*** negro waiting to see which way the wind blows? Was he trying to Get Out during the primary? Did someone flash a camera in his face causing a momentary relapse of Blackness?

Anyway, that man is weird.


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