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Kentucky Police Run Over Black Man

Source: wdrb / wdrb

A Black man is suing the city of Radcliff, Kentucky after its police officers allegedly ran over his lower leg with a patrol car last September.

According to WDRB, police were called to the Gold Vault Inn on Sept. 7, 2021, at around 2 a.m. They were told a trespasser was roaming around the property. The cops reported that when they arrived at the scene, they encountered 32-year-old Anthony Gray, who said he was leaving the grounds because the hotel’s staff were rude to him.

Now, already this story leaves us with a glaring question: Why isn’t this the end of the story?

The cops find a man roaming who hasn’t hurt anyone and doesn’t present an immediate threat—why not let him go on his way?

Instead, according to the federal lawsuit filed late last month, the incident ended with a Radcliff police officer “using his vehicle to run over Anthony Gray, an unarmed Black man, who was suspected only of a violation punishable by a simple fine.”

Gray’s attorney, Aaron Bentley, said his client was leaving peacefully when “suddenly,” and with “no reason, no justification, no warning,” Officer Robert Stephens tried to grab him by the arm, but “Anthony was scared and ran away.”

Body camera footage reportedly shows Gray shouting at Stephens, “No I’m not going to jail,” to which Stephen replied, “Yes you are!”

Gary then shouted at Stephens that he was unarmed.

While it couldn’t be seen clearly on camera, the lawsuit claims another officer, Justin Skaggs, chased Gray down with his police car and rammed into him—which leads us to another question: WHO TF PERFORMS A PIT MANEUVER ON SOMEONE WHO IS ON FOOT??

“By every indication, he intentionally runs the car into Anthony, runs over his leg and foot, causing pretty severe injuries,” Bentley said.

From WDRB:

After Skaggs stops his vehicle, Gray can be seen laying partially underneath the car groaning in pain and requesting the officer take him to the hospital.

“I didn’t do nothing wrong, sir,” Gray says as officers cuff him. “But you ran my foot over.”

Skaggs asked the other officer if he had run over Gray’s foot.

“I believe his leg was run over by a police car,” the other officer said, according to Skaggs’ body camera video.

Of course, the police said something different in the incident report. Apparently, the car didn’t run into Gray, it was Gray who ran into the car. (Yes, you read that right.)

Gray “ran into the right front corner” of the police vehicle and then “was knocked to the ground and his left foot was run over by the right front tire,” the police report claimed.

The suit names several officers involved in the incident as defendants and Gray—who suffered a fractured left tibia, among other physical injuries—has requested a jury trial.

Meanwhile, Gray is still facing charges of criminal trespassing, alcohol intoxication, and fleeing or evading police in Hardin District Court.


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