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Listen: A lot of us are worried that Elon Musk buying Twitter means Twitter will return to its pre-Trump ban roots as a seasonless cesspool of 280 character white supremacist manifestos, raisin-rich potato salad recipes, leg washing debates, and concrete proof that right-wingers don’t have the grasp on the grammatically correct English language they think they do. To be fair, many of us understand that version of Twitter never went anywhere, but Musk buying the platform with his ‘hate speech is still free speech’ head-a** means the algorithm will likely never be fixed and we’ll still be seeing election fraud misinformation in our feeds first thing in the morning.

Anyway, while we’re all concerned about what this all means for the future of Twitter, no one seems to be more upset about it than Manager Luther King himself, Shaun King.

Shaun King deleted his Twitter account, y’all.

Syke! No, he didn’t.

On Tuesday morning, Talcum X was trending because everyone thought the digital dumping ground of diet activism and Blackless pro-Blackness that is his Twitter account had been deleted shortly after he declared that Musk purchasing Twitter was “about white power.”

Side note: For those who aren’t familiar with King, “Talcum X” is one of his many Shaun king nicknames mostly coined by the great minds at Black Twitter.

So, everyone thought King was gone from Twitter. Right-wingers celebrated the news as some kind of “stick it to the leftists” victory.

Meanwhile, bruh, we didn’t give a damn about Snow Budden leaving Twitter—we were just clowning him like we always do.

Some were mad at Black Twitter and White Power Twitter appearing to join forces is dragging Fret Hampton.

Of course, none of this ended up mattering because the King of syking yo’ mind did not leave Twitter.


King appeared to claim he temporarily deactivated his account because he was “getting death threats and hack attempts from your buddies who stormed the Capitol and had to make it more secure,” in response to Donald Trump Jr. joining the celebration of King’s exit, which turns out to be “Fake news,” aka the only kind of news the Trump family deals in.

But Shaun is back and he’s back with plenty more smoke (or talcum powder?) for Musk.

Well, that was fun.


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