A research organization, has Twitter's litigation fingers foaming at the tips after the group found that racism was up on the platform.


Threads claimed 30 million users on its first day.

Elon Musk defended racist 'Dilbert' author Scott Adams as a growing number of newspapers moved to stop publishing the comic strip.


The microblogging platform has seen a rise in hate speech and technical problems.

Current Events

Elon Musk recently created a Twitter poll asking whether he should "step down as head of Twitter," 57.5% of respondents said yes.


The comedian's reaction to the booing was notable.

On Dec. 2, the Public Enemy rapper logged on to his Twitter account demanding that the billionaire TESLA CEO address the inappropriate use of the slur on the social media platform.


Companies have the right to dissociate from such a space. 

Musk allegedly broke commitments to civil rights groups when he reinstated the former president after the results of a Twitter poll.


Black Twitter has been hilariously mourning the death of Elon Musk's Twitter after a "mass exodus" of employees.

More grim details are emerging about Elon Musk's brutal Twitter takeover.

Workers in Twitter's office in Ghana spoke out.