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In today’s episode of The Whites On Flights Are At It Again, a white couple was reportedly “yelling racist and homophobic slurs,” according to the poster of a Tik Tok video, and behaving unruly until got themselves kicked off of a JetBlue flight in West Palm Beach, Florida. But to let one mile-high Karen tell it, they were kicked off the flight simply because they’re Trump supporters.


“Do you guys see what is happening in America?” the woman shouts at passengers who just seem to want her to get the hell on so they can fly in peace. “He didn’t like what we said, and now we’re getting kicked off of a plane, and all of y’all are going to have to wait.

“This is f***king outrageous! You guys, we’re going to turn into China—it’s coming,” she continues while giving the crowd her best Dollar Store Marjorie Taylor Greene impersonation. “You don’t like the words coming out of my mouth. No words! No words! Free speech is dead!”

Clearly, what we have here is another graduate of the Newsmax School of Pretending to Know Things, because, once again, we’re listening to the rantings of another MAGA rube who doesn’t understand that only the government is obligated to recognize her First Amendment rights.

A privately-owned airline, however, can kick your a** off the plane.

On the other hand, last year, the Federal Aviation Administration announced its “zero-tolerance policy” for unruly passengers such as this tragic white woman who clearly doesn’t understand that “free speech” doesn’t mean she can be out here loudly ranting and causing a ruckus.

So, no, Klueless Kluts Karen, free speech is not dead. Your stale AF Fox News talking points, however, are beyond rigor mortis at this point.

From the New York Post:

The woman also claims she used to be a Broadway dancer and praises Elon Musk, saying “he’s the best … he’s the f—— king!”

She also yells that she is “not getting that f—— vaccine” and calls mask-wearing passengers “sheep.”

The woman drew jeers from fellow fliers as she threatened to sue the airline and the person shooting the wild video.

“Excuse me, it’s our anniversary,” she also is heard saying as she gets the boot.

At one point, she shouts, “We’ve got to get off the plane because we’re Trump supporters.”

“Seriously, that’s really what I think it is,” she continued.

Bruh, we are nearing the middle of 2022. Who is still arguing about vaccines and mask mandates when most mandates have already been eased, most American adults are vaccinated for COVID-19 and most people have stopped studying the grown-a** MAGA babies who aren’t?

Also—hi—DONALD TRUMP IS OUT OF OFFICE! At this point, declaring yourself a Trump supporter is like holding up a “Justice for Rodney King” sign at a police brutality protest. No one cares that you’re a Trump supporter. We’ve moved on. Elon Musk represents Geat Value Laura Ingraham’s only current talking point—and no one around her seemed to care about that either outside of possibly thinking it’s weird that she’s fawning over her billionaire crush right in front of her husband like that. (I ain’t saying she’s a golddigger, but she ain’t messing with no broke MAGAs.)

Anyway, the video shows her and her husband refusing to get off the plane and then eventually surrendering.

Maybe they should have flown JetRed.


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