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In today’s episode of Why Are White People Like This? In Fact, Just…Why Are White People? a new viral video shows another Karen on another airplane living in her natural habitat of entitlement and doing whatever the hell she wants to do—and this one brought her own microphone. 

Since the start of this global pandemic, misinformation,  substanceless conspiracy theories and generally stupid arguments have spread just as fast as COVID-19 itself, but it’s always easier to deal with when people have the decency to post their pseudointellectual nonsense to social media where other people can block, unfollow, unfriend or at least scroll on by. But when you have an airhead on an airplane using a microphone to be loud, wrong and ridiculous, there’s no way to escape it.

In a viral video posted to TikTok and Twitter, a woman can be seen arguing with a flight attendant who is just trying to do their job.

But, well, you knowa white woman has her own microphone and, in Karen land, that’s all that matters.

“I brought my microphone. I’m going to use it,” she can be heard saying as the flight attendant asks her to take her seat.

The woman goes on to defy authority with the full confidence of a person who has been white in America their entire life as she explains into the microphone that the “pandemic started all because humans had lost a little bit of faith.”

At this point, flight attendants and passengers are trying to get this Karen and her Karen haircut to shut it, with one passenger shouting, “Ma’am, you want the attention!”

After a flight attendant apparently explains to her that she’ll be restrained if she doesn’t restrain her damn self, the woman can be heard asking, “You’re going to cuff me?” as if the very concept of a white woman facing consequences for unruly behavior is as foreign to her as the idea that she doesn’t own every space she happens to find herself in.

“I don’t need to be cuffed,” she said. “I’m completely harmless. Also, I think you’re all enjoying this because, like I said, I’m not terrible to look at.”

But you are, non-sis—you are terrible both to look at and to listen to.

As a flight attendant pulls her away from the aisle, she continues ranting her convoluted rant about faith, or lack thereof.

“The reason the pandemic started is because nobody here has any more faith because you’re all stuck to your stupid devices and you don’t even know what reality is anymore,” the woman who clearly waved bye-bye to “reality” long ago said during a spectacle that she should have known was sure to have even more people “stuck to your stupid devices” watching her stupidity.

As she’s taken to the back of the plane, she shouts at her non-consenting audience, “My dog has better sense than any of you!”

This is why flight attendants and other essential workers are among the true heroes of this pandemic; they’re constantly having to put up with the dregs of idiocracy every time they clock in for work.


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