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You might remember when we reported on Shaun King’s new clothing brand, A Real One, which included an expensive collection of plain-colored t-shirts and hoodies.

So, initially, the alleged problem with King’s clothing brand—which he claims is Black-owned from the print shop to the manufacturers—was that it was just too expensive.

Well, now, an unverified Twitter report claims “people” who paid for A Real One products haven’t received their orders.

Of course, there were those on social media who pointed out that King, whether true or not, has a reputation of being a scammer who Black people have been trying to warn other Black people about for years, so they don’t know why anyone is still forking over their coins to him.

According to Newsweek, social media users were complaining they had not received their orders. But to let King tell it, there were only like two people that may have had issues getting their gear.

Here’s what King said in a statement to Newsweek:

2 things:

1. We had nearly 3,500 orders and shipped EVERY order. All of them. Some 2-3 times. Out of those 3,500 orders, about 150 people moved or had shipping problems. For those 150 people, we resent the orders or processed refunds.

2. We just emailed our entire customer base to ask ANY customer that might have fallen through the cracks to email us. 2 people replied saying they wanted exchanges or refunds for orders they had trouble with. 2.

Out of those 3,500 we also had 75-100 customers who had errors in their email addresses or phone numbers that may be hard for us to reach.

When we then run those potential customers with errors up against all of the orders that were delivered we don’t see a single customer left with a contact info error that hasn’t received their order.

Still, we are standing by to help any customer that has a single issue or problem.

So, maybe King is telling the truth, and maybe not. Either way, his reputation is so tainted that he can say “Hi” and a lot of people would respond, “OK, but I feel like you lying.”


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