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CA School District Considers Ban On Critical Race Theory

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If you needed any more proof that white conservatives have adopted anti-critical race theory (CRT) propaganda just so they have an excuse to be white and fragile, look no further than one whiny Karen who has joined other pitiful parents in suing a Virginia school board over an anti-racism curriculum.

Now, you already know this is about to be some annoying nonsense that centers on white people who only just discovered CRT two years ago and are conflating the academic study that has been around since 1989 with any program aimed at racial awareness. But Melissa Riley has taken white fragility to a whole new level while complaining that an anti-racism course has caused her biracial son to recognize his own Blackness.

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Riley is upset that she now has to deal with “racial issues” in her home.

“We didn’t have issues before. He is in eighth grade,” Charlottesville mother Melissa Riley lamented to ultra-conservative Fox News host Jesse Watters during an interview that aired Monday night. “He’s seeing himself just as a Black man. He’s seeing things that don’t go his way as racism. And he is finding safety in numbers now.”

Already, we can see what the problem here is—Riley harbors racist views whether she knows it or not. 

She comes across as an “I don’t see color” racist who thinks she has plausible racism deniability because she procreated with a Black man. But she certainly has an issue with her son identifying as Black. She certainly has a problem with Black people as she thinks we invoke racism any time things don’t go our way. And she doesn’t seem to think Black is beautiful, considering she said of her son during the interview: “He looks Hawaiian. He’s beautiful.”

And what’s with that “he is finding safety in numbers” complaint? Is Riley upset that her half-Black child is finding Black friends or joining pro-Black organizations? Again, maybe the problem here is she just might be racist.

Riley goes on to claim her son has been calling her racist for making him do chores.

“I asked him to clean the house‘racism,’” she claimed.

Even if what Riley is saying is true (I think she’s lying, but whatever), blaming CRT for a teenager trying to get out of chores has got to be among the most caucasified things I’ve ever heard. (Also, that wouldn’t be an indicator that he identifies as Black. Now, if she asked him to do chores and he started playing gospel music or ’90s R&B before breaking out the dusters and brooms—then she might have a problem.)

Riley said her son is “using it as an excuse because they have told him that that’s how people see him, as a Black man, that the world is against and (he) sees it as a negative now.” But maybe the real problem is the white mother of a biracial child tried like hell to keep her son sheltered from any and all things race-related and because of that, one little anti-racism course turned him into diet Malcolm X.

Or maybe Riley is just racist and the thought of anti-racism courses gives her the Klanny-whammies (that’s the “heebee jeebees” for racist white people).

Anyway, Riley also claimed that when she confronted the school about how it Black-ified her son, she was told her son could be a “Black spokesman for the Black community” in the school.

“When I told them I didn’t think that that would be appropriate, they told me that if he was uncomfortable with the conversations, he and other children of color could go to a safe place during these conversations,” she said. “And that’s segregation,” Riley concluded.

Clearly, Riley knows so little about Black history that she doesn’t understand “segregation” was forced. It’s also funny how Miss “I don’t see any color except Hawaiian” is suddenly breaking out the civil rights era terms at her convenience.

Side note: Fox News has some nerve for entertaining this ant-CRT white nonsense considering the fact that its hosts and contributors have promoted “White Replacement Theory,” which Buffalo mass shooter Payton S. Gendron reportedly said inspired him to gun down 10 Black people.

According to the New York Post, Riley is among other plaintiffs who filed a lawsuit against the Albemarle County School Board in December. The plaintiffs call themselves the Alliance Defending Freedom, but people would be forgiven for mistaking them for the Whiny White Defenders of White Tears.


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