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At this point, Tesla really needs to come to glory on the likelihood that its factories have a racial discrimination problem. The automobile company attracts racism lawsuits like the Republican platform attracts white supremacists and, well—everybody can’t just be lying on a perfectly innocent and racism-free company.

According to Business Insider, 15 current and former Black employees filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against Tesla claiming its factories have been “systematically turned into a racially hostile work environment,” which is generally the same allegation that has inspired all its past lawsuits.

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The suit, which was filed in California on June 30, alleges that Black employees regularly get passed over for promotions, that white employees are regularly allowed to use racial slurs without facing consequences and that the company fails to remove racist graffiti found in bathrooms. In addition to all that, one plaintiff said he was tackled by another employee and that after he reported the incident he was told to “suck it up and be a man” and that “this happens here all the time.” That plaintiff also said harassed by a coworker who threw metal bolts at him—an incident he also said he reported but, as far as he knows, nothing had been done about it.

This comes about a week after NewsOne reported that former Tesla employee Owen Diaz has demanded a new trial after previously winning a racial discrimination lawsuit that won him a $137 million settlement. A judge later slashed the settlement to $15 million, which Diaz rejected opening the door for the new trial. (Let’s be real—if a person knew they were lying about the racism they faced, they would take that $15 mil and run. Diaz felt it was worth rejecting all that money in favor of justice and accountability.)

From Insider:

Insider reported in March that 46 lawsuits accusing Tesla of sexual and racial harassment in its Fremont factory have been filed over the last five years.

Seven legal and labor experts told Insider the number of lawsuits was cause for concern in factory the size of Fremont.

Again, everybody ain’t lying.


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