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Last week, a Black firefighter in Rochester, New York, revealed plans to sue the city and its fire department for $4 million after accusing his superior of pressuring him to attend a racist party in July. Now, the couple who threw the party is defending what they claim wasn’t a racist party at all.

According to CBS News, firefighter Jerrod Jones said his now-former captain, Jeffrey Krywy, told him and two other firefighters they should attend a party that turned out to be the kind of white shindig Black people should steer clear of. It allegedly had real Jordan Peele movie plot energy.

From CBS:

Jones, a 14-year department veteran, became uneasy when he arrived at the house and saw a cardboard cutout figure of former President Donald Trump, since firefighters aren’t supposed to attend partisan political events while on duty, his attorney, Nate McMurray, said.

Jones said he then saw a display mocking the Juneteenth holiday, which celebrates the end of slavery in the 19th century, with Juneteenth flags displayed over buckets of fried chicken.

In addition, a woman allegedly impersonated a local Democratic official and performed a sexually suggestive dance, and pictures of Democratic politicians were attached to stakes in the yard.

A cardboard Donald Trump shrine? A racist Juneteenth display? Sexually violent anti-Democrat performances? It sounds like Jones found himself in the middle of a MAGA rally disguised as a private social gathering.

“I decided to speak up today because I have two children who maybe one day will aspire to become firefighters, and I don’t want them to experience what I experienced,” Jones said during a news conference last week.

Of course, the couple responsible for this alleged diet Klan meeting is defending their party and claiming it wasn’t racist, according to 13 WHAM.

Dentist Dr. Nicholas Nicosia and his wife, Mary, didn’t do much in explaining their alleged Juneteenth mockery or their alleged display of Republican shenanigans, but they did appear to be asking for people to be patient while they get their story together.

“The allegations of racism made against us are false and malicious,” Nicholas said in a statement through his attorney. “We will respond fully and completely in the coming days. The truth will show that I have lived in Rochester my entire life and my wife has been here for more than 35 years. During that time, we have lived in and supported the diverse Rochester community. We ask members of our community to hear the full and true story.”

I mean, how long does it take to simply say, “Nah—we didn’t put up a racist Juneteenth display,” if they indeed didn’t? And why do white people think living in proximity to people of color precludes them from being racist? It’s like these people have never seen a Spike Lee movie in their lives.

Meanwhile, the city of Rochester determined that Krywy was accountable for Jones’ alleged experience and he retired before termination proceedings began. City Councilmember Stanley Martin and Monroe County Legislator Rachel Barnhart—the two Democrats Jones said party-goers were inappropriately impersonating—called for an independent investigation into who attended the event. Jones also said he recognized a member of the Rochester Police Department at the party (surprise, surprise amirite?) and now the RPD is conducting an internal investigation into that claim. 


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