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Ok, I’ve waited four days now and apparently, nobody’s going to mention two very significant things about Amy Bishop, the lunatic biology professor down at the University of Alabama that went on a crazy shooting and killing spree:

  1. She is, very obviously, a terrorist.
  2. Of her three fellow professors that became her murder victims, two were Black, one was Indian.

The fact that Bishop had been denied tenure at Alabama has been the reason given for the Friday, February 12th outburst. Of course, since that Alabama campus shooting, which also injured three others, it has surfaced that not only did Bishop shoot and kill her then 18 year-old brother Seth in 1986, but she also allegedly sent a pipe bomb to one of her colleagues, Dr. Paul Rosenberg, at Boston’s Children’s Hospital in 1993!

Massachusetts police refused to charge the now 45 year-old Bishop in the murder of her brother 24 years ago, accepting her excuse that the shooting was a tragic accident, despite the fact that Bishop actually discharged the shotgun three times; once before she shot her brother and once after.

As for the pipe bomb incident, both Bishop and her husband were suspected, but the bomb never went off and no charges were ever filed.

What should also be of interest is that the fact that it has been said about Professor Bishop that she is a complete oddball that is absolutely “obsessed” with President Obama. One can imagine that as Amy Bishop continued to shoot, bomb and kill people with impunity, eventually this obsession might have played itself out with some horrific results.

Here are a couple of questions to ponder: exactly how many siblings are Black people allowed to kill before we’re jailed for eternity? Why are no new sites or Republican talking heads appropriately labeling this woman a ‘terrorist’?