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Let’s say you were the smelly kid at school. Almost every day, you came to class smelling like what Black mothers across the nation describe as “outside,” and your classmates roast you for it constantly. But one day you get your hygienic act together and you don’t smell so bad. And on this day, another kid comes to school smelling like a character in a Slick Rick song who “don’t know the meaning of water nor soap.” And your classmates roast your stinky classmate, and you want to join inbut you can’t. You can’t say a word because you know if you do, someone will inevitably shout, “Booooy, I know yo’ musty a** ain’t talkin’!”

Right now Sarah Silverman is that first musty child who should have STFU about the second.

Over the weekend, hip-hop veteran and MAGA-on-the-mic minion Kanye West found himself locked out of his Twitter and Instagram accounts after he vowed to go “death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE,” threatening, “You guys have toyed with me and tried to black ball anyone whoever opposes your agenda,” which, besides being horrifically antisemitic, makes no sense because Ye is literally everywhere all the time despite the offensive nonsense he’s constantly spewing and has never come close to being blackballed by any platform.

Ye’s social media accounts needed to be suspended for clear and blatant bigotry. He needed to be dragged mercilessly for what he posted—and he was. But Silverman, of all people, needed to sit this one out. 

“Kanye threatened the Jews yesterday on twitter and it’s not even trending,” Silverman tweeted on Sunday. “Why do mostly only Jews speak up against Jewish hate? The silence is so loud.”


First of all, some antisemitic algorithm must have attacked Silverman’s Twitter feed and hers alone, because everyone else’s feed looked like the below on Sunday and every day since:

Besides the fact that Sarah was out here essentially shouting, “WHY IS NOBODY TALKING ABOUT THIS???” before actually checking to see if anyone (who isn’t Jewish) is talking about it, she must have forgotten all the anti-Black receipts floating around about her.

But Black Twitter never forgets.

Silverman’s Blackface-capades became the main subject of her Black Twitter dragging especially after she tried to come for Black actress Holly Robinson Peete, who joined the chorus line of Black people calling out Sarah’s loud and wrong white nonsense.

A Black man on Twitter responded to Silverman’s original tweet by pointing out that “black Twitter has been all over this. So it’s not MOSTLY Jews.” Apparently, Silverman was offended by the implication that “the onus is on me to call out all people being silent,” which really made no sense since she was just being corrected after generalizing that all non-Jewish people were silent.

Robinson Peete simply agreed with the 100% correct Black man by replying, “That part,” which also appeared to offend Silverman.

And that’s when Silverman was swiftly reminded that she was a musty child who needed to hush.

And you just know Silverman forgot there was recorded footage of her joining fellow problematic white person Bill Maher in defending white people’s right to use racial slurs in the name of “just jokes.”

In short: Kanye “White Lives Matter” West was as loud, wrong, idiotic and egregious as he always is, and he needs to be dragged for the harm to Black and Jewish communities he uses his platform to cause. But much like Bill Cosby’s must-a** should have STFU about R Kelly, Silverman really should have done what she was accusing everyone else of doing regarding Ye and stayed silent.

Instead, Sarah is just funking up the glass house she’s throwing stones in—while acting like she doesn’t still stink. 


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