The survival rate for childhood cancer has improved significantly for everybody but Black kids.

Reading to your children is imperative, and it helps even more if they can relate to what they read and see in the books.

According to a new CDC study, 17 in 100,000 Black children died from gun-related incidents in 2021 - more than White and Asian kids.

A TikTok video begins with Black children crying and a man shouting to a white woman, "Welcome to the neighborhood, Karen!" 


Lindsey Graham said people are "scared" Herschel Walker will make "every other young child in America of color want to be a Republican."

Race Matters

The lack of compassion shown to Black children and teens is not new, but it's still jarring to watch.


Black children are not killed because police fail to recognize them as children. They are killed because they are Black. 


The trial outcome of George Floyd’s murderer was a relief – until it wasn’t. On the heels of the verdict, we now say the name of yet another young life viciously stolen by state violence: 16-year old Ma’Khia Bryant.


The women and young children targeted by the Aurora Police Department were handcuffed and forced to lie face-down on the roasting concrete of a mall parking lot when they were incorrectly suspected of stealing a vehicle.

The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention is working to have a more detailed definition of the inflammatory syndrome.


Three children under the age of six have been killed in Birmingham within the last six months.

A police confrontation this weekend turned violent, according to a video posted to social media that showed NYPD officers punching a group of mostly Black teenagers in a subway station in Brooklyn early Saturday morning.