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January 6th Hearing Day 4

Ruby Freeman, the mother of Wandrea ArShaye Shaye Moss, a Fulton County, Ga., elections worker, attends the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol fourth hearing to present previously unseen material and hear witness testimony in Cannon Building, on Tuesday, June 21, 2022. Their family received threats after being accused of a ballot scam. | Source: Tom Williams / Getty

Listen, we all know that Donald Trump‘s Truth Social platform exists as an unholy baptism of ignorance, anti-intellectualism, bigotry and white nationalism (much like his presidency). That much is clear. What isn’t quite as clear is why more than three years after a strong majority of U.S. voters rejected his bid for a second term, Trump is still behaving like a spurned lover who remains obsessing over his married ex who never really loved him like that in the first place. It’s even more unclear why he’s still using his platform and his status to come for a Black woman who was an election worker in 2020, and one he has a history of harassing just for doing her damn job.

According to MSNBC, Trump recently used his platform to randomly resume his one-sided beef with former Georgia election worker Ruby Freeman, who testified before the Jan. 6 Committee last year about the harassment she and her daughter, Wandrea Arshaye “Shaye” Moss, received due to Trump falsely and repeatedly claiming they were involved in the election fraud that exists only in the minds of the ex-commander-in-losing-and-lying and his idiot followers. 

“Wow! Has anyone seen the Ruby Freeman ‘contradictions’ of her sworn testimony?” Trump wrote in a post on Truth Social aka Racist Reject Twitter. “Now this is ‘BIG STUFF.’ Look what was captured by Cobb County police body cameras on January 4, 2021. … Now it gets really bad.”

As usual, no one knows what the hell Trump is talking about. Well, maybe his MAGA minions do. It’s possible Trump’s people are able to tap into Trump’s psyche by vigorously dry-humping his leg while eating up Trumpaganda like it was a box of doggy treats. But the rest of us are left wondering what contradictions he’s referring to, why he still can’t get over his legal election loss and why he’s putting “contradictions” in quotation marks as if he’s quoting anyone else but himself.

House January 6th Select Committee Holds Its Fourth Hearing

Wandrea ArShaye “Shaye” Moss, a former Georgia election worker, becomes emotional while testifying as her mother Ruby Freeman watches during the fourth hearing held by the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the U.S. Capitol on June 21, 2022, in the Cannon House Office Building in Washington, D.C. | Source: Pool / Getty


Soon after, the former president published another item, accusing Freeman of election crimes, followed by a third missive, in which the Republican asked, “What will the Great State of Georgia do with the Ruby Freeman MESS?” Trump concluded that he’s battling “the evils and treachery of the Radical Left monsters who want to see America die.”

Both items referred to “suitcases” filled with ballots that Trump believes Freeman opened, all as part of the crime that was committed only in his imagination.

In case anyone needs a refresher, it wasn’t long after the 2020 elections when the nightmare began for a clerical worker in a county election office in Georgia and her mother. Trump and some of his rabid followers decided that Shaye Moss and her mother, Freeman, who had taken a temp job helping count ballots, were directly and personally responsible for including fake ballots in Georgia’s election tally.

In fact, unhinged Republicans claimed to have proof in the form of a video in which Moss and Freeman could be seen doing their jobs. What conspiracy theorists said were “suitcases” of bogus ballots were really just standard boxes used locally to transport actual ballots.

In other words: Trump and his ilk are continuing to form conspiracy theories that are squarely based on their misunderstanding of how literally everything works. And in the meantime, Trump is effectively continuing his intimidation campaign against Black poll workers like he’s trying to make America pre-1965 Voting Rights Act again.

At some point, Trump is just going to have to deal with the reality that America just isn’t that into him anymore and move on. At this point, he just sounds pathetic and desperate to get that old thing back. Frankly, it’s embarrassing.


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