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Nothing screams “I’m a Republican” like a proposed bill to take a street named for a Black civil rights leader and rename it for an orangey-white nationalist president whose legacy in the Oval Office consists of bigotry and lies.

According to the Tennessean, State Rep. Paul Sherrell (R-Sparta)—the same guy that exposed his apparent lynching fetish when he suggested “hanging by tree” as an execution method for death row inmates—sponsored a bill along with state Sen. Frank Niceley (R-Strawberry Plains) to rename a portion of Rep. John Lewis Way, in Nashville, after former president and critical race theory’s OG propagandist Donald Trump

HB 1372/SB 1407 would have placed “President Donald Trump Boulevard” right smack in the middle of Dr. Martin L. King Jr. Boulevard and James Robertson Parkway, and it would have replaced Lewis’ good name to do so. In 2020, the Metro Council voted to rename the street once known as Fifth Avenue after the late Democratic congressman.

Now, imagine MLK and Lewis have been neighbors for roughly three years. They frequently hit each other up to play Dominoes and reminisce on Selma and how white people be trippin’. Then suddenly, Lewis gets gentrified out of the hood by white MAGA cultists, and now King is living next door to a rust-colored racist who keeps rambling about “sh*thole countries” and how he won the 2020 presidential race that everyone knows he lost while burning tiki torches on MLK’s lawn because his hands are too tiny to carry a full-size cross.

What I’m saying is, replacing John Lewis Way with “Trump BLVD” is like taking Smurff Street and renaming it Gargamel Ave.

Fortunately, it’s not going to happen because the proposal drew so much outrage from Nashville leaders and residents that Sherrell withdrew the legislation on Monday. Apparently, that man just does not know how to read a room. Imagine thinking: “Let’s just take part of this street named for a man who helped lead diner sit-ins during Jim Crow and fought for Black people’s right to vote and rename it for hates Muslims and Mexicans and tried to disenfranchise Black voters in multiple states through “stop the steal” propaganda. What can possibly go wrong?”

Then again, when a legislator also thinks bringing back public hangings is a good idea, who knows what else he might propose?


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