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Dr. Umar Johnson on The Breakfast Club 12/9/2022

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Never one to hold his tongue, noted Pan-Afrikan psychologist Dr. Umar Johnson waded into the cultural waters surrounding the arrest of movie star Jonathan Majors.

The actor was taken into custody late Saturday morning after it was reported that his girlfriend told the NYPD he strangled, assaulted and harassed her. He was booked on two misdemeanor counts of third-degree assault, second-degree aggravated harassment, second-degree harassment and third-degree attempted assault and released from custody before the news broke on Saturday night.

Now, Majors’ lawyer says there is video evidence and two statements “recanting” the allegations of assault that will clear the actor of any misconduct.

The person who accused Majors has been identified by TMZ as the actor’s girlfriend. Majors’ lawyer has only referred to her as “a woman.”

Social media chatter suggested she is a white woman and pointed to a photo from September of last year showing Majors alongside an unidentified white woman at the premiere of the war movie Devotion. In the photo, Majors and the woman are seen holding hands.

2022 Toronto International Film Festival - "Devotion" Premiere

(L-R) Jonathan Majors and a guest attend the “Devotion” Premiere at Cinesphere on September 12, 2022, in Toronto, Ontario. | Source: Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty

It was in that context that Johnson took to Instagram to ask one question in particular that used a slang term for white women: Was Majors “snowbunnied”?

To the uninitiated, Johnson has made no secret about his views against interracial couples that include a Black person. But this time around, he appeared to be sympathetic to Majors despite the implication that the actor was dating a white woman who called the police on him in what could turn out to be false accusations.

“I’m standing with my brother on this unless he is proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt,” Johnson wrote over an image of Majors.

Johnson proposed a conspiracy theory and suggested the allegations, which come at the height of Majors’ meteoric rise, might be by design to dismantle an influential Black man’s positive image in popular culture. Johnson assigned partial blame on “radical feminists & rainbowgangers,” using misogynistic and homophobic language.

“He’s the strongest Black alpha male in Hollywood right now,” Johnson continued. “This could just be [sic] scheme to feed into the ‘toxic masculinity’ narrative being pushed by the radical feminists & rainbowgangers.”

To be sure, there is no evidence of any such conspiracy theory.

Johnson’s attitude toward Majors possibly dating a “snowbunny” comes months after the controversial Philadelphia-based psychologist was accused of doing something similar himself.

Back in June of last year, Johnson went on the defensive after a viral video showed him in public appearing smiling while chatting with a white woman as the two stood close to each other at a suburban Philadelphia shopping mall in New Jersey.

The brief clip was posted to social media and also showed the woman smiling coyly while typing into a device as they shared a laugh and she smiled at him.

While their words were not audible, their body language and the optics suggested the possibility of a romantic overture, according to the tweet that was the first to post the video. Using slang, the tweet claimed Johnson was being shamelessly overt about approaching the white woman.

“Dr umar was at the cherry hill mall boul wasn’t low,” the tweet said.

A cynical voice coming from behind the camera can be heard during the recording: “Look at him.”

Replies to the tweet were replete with commentary suggesting the self-proclaimed “Prince of Pan-Africanism” is a hypocrite.

Johnson defended himself and claimed he was a victim of selective editing in footage that he said was doctored to suggest he was cozying up to the woman.

He offered a range of reasons why he said the video was being taken out of context.

While he admitted in an Instagram post to being at Cherry Hill Mall, he wrote that he only “stopped at a kiosk” where the white woman was working so that he could “view the incense & crystals” on his way out of the mall. “That non-afrikan woman is simply the vendor,” Johnson insisted.

However, there was no kiosk visible in the video.

Johnson claimed “the vendor” became intrigued after a fan asked him for an autograph.

“I told her I was a popular psychologist in the black community,” Johnson wrote before going in on the offensive using language similar to his commentary about Jonathan Majors.

“If you dusty snowbunny loving betamales don’t believe me then please visit the mall and ask her personally if we exchanged phone numbers,” he wrote to the “haters” before adding, “Heavy is the head who wears the crown….”

As self-stated proof of his dedication to “Black sisters,” Johnson posted another statement to Instagram accompanied by a photo of him embracing a smiling Black woman purportedly also in Cherry Hill Mall the same day he was seen speaking with the white woman.

“Way too much brown sugar out here for the prince to be pushin’ up on a snowbunny!” Johnson wrote to his followers, reminding them that he’s married.

Johnson has consistently been adamantly against the idea of Black people in interracial relationships. The topic of Black men with white women, in particular, has dominated much of his rhetoric in recent years.

In a legendary interview with Roland Martin in 2017, Johnson said Black men who marry outside of their race don’t care enough about their people to be with a Black woman.

While delivering an address at Lehigh University in 2021, Johnson doubled down on that sentiment.

“The reason I don’t support Black men or women marrying outside of the race is because marriage is a financial institution, and under most circumstances, women live longer than men,” Johnson explained at the time. “So, if Dr. Umar marries a white woman, when I die, she will inherit my estate. And what are the chances that that privileged white woman is going to do a drive by on North Philly and drop off a million dollar check for the Black kids in the ghetto? She’s not.”

Johnson has kept that same energy for other Black males who have received attention for dating white women, including former NFL star Shannon Sharpe and even Bronny James, the son of basketball superstar LeBron James, for taking a white girl to prom.


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