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Dove Self Esteem Project Partners With Lizzo And More To Help Make Social Media A More Positive And Safe Place For Young People

Source: Courtesy of Dove

Dove has launched a new project titled the “2023 Dove Self-Esteem Project Research for Kids Online Safety” in partnership with Lizzo and more to help make social media safer for kids.

Recent statistics show that our youth is mentally suffering due to the negative effects of social media. According to research, 50% of kids say social media makes them and their peers feel anxious. Seven in 10 young people (ages 10-17) have been exposed to content that does not promote body positivity on social media. And over half of youth mental health specialists say exposure to harmful beauty content on social media can lead to physical consequences. Dove is working to combat these statistics with their “2023 Dove Self-Esteem Project Research for Kids Online Safety.”

DOVE Self-Esteem Project Partners With Lizzo And Other Organizations

The Dove Self-Esteem Project is partnering with Lizzo, Common Sense Media, and ParentsTogether Action to advocate for social media to be a more positive and safer place for young people. Lizzo, known for supporting everything positive and inclusive, is adamant about doing her part in making social media a source of inspiration. “Social media is supposed to be a place where people can express themselves and be a source for beauty confidence, not anxiety, that’s why I’m partnering with Dove again and calling on platforms to do more to make social media safe for young people. Seeing the negative impact social media is having on youth mental health today is devastating and has to stop. Join us and use your voice to help make change,” stated the “About Damn Time” singer.

The Dove Self-esteem Project’s mission has been to instill confidence in young people since 2004. Since its inception, the project has educated more than 94 million youth globally.


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