Dove and Nike recognize negative self-talk's impact on young girls' development, so they've created a coaching program.

A fledgling movement to boycott Dove started after white folks got angry at its partnership with BLM activist Zyahna Bryant, who falsely accused a white woman of racism.

The Dove Self-esteem Project's mission has been to instill confidence in young people since 2004.


Chanel Porchia-Albert addresses health conditions impacting Black mothers.

Good News

Baby Dove has doubled its investment in the Black Birth Equity Fund to address the Black maternal health crisis.

Since Dove has been accused of racist advertising before, is it time to apply pressure to its parent company, Unilever?

Dove apologized on Sunday after controversy erupted over a Facebook ad for its body wash that showed a Black woman removing her brown shirt to reveal a White woman wearing, ahem, a clean white shirt.

A new advertisement for Dove’s “Visible Care” body wash is facing criticism for what is seen as racist undertones in it’s depiction of women of different skin tones that apparently implies that the lighter woman was the ideal result. An advertising blog first posted the ad under the title, “”Dove body wash turns Black Women […]