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Y’all know I don’t like to be petty(*looks up to make sure lightning doesn’t strike*)—but there is something truly satisfying about watching racist white people catch hands, feet and Twisted Tea cans after using racial slurs against Black people, who simply are not having it. 

Listen: We at NewsOne do not advocate violence. Violence is wrong. Violence is never the answer. “Sticks and stones” and all that. Stop the violence, increase the peace. Don’t start nothin’, won’t be nothin’.

Wait, that last one was not…

You know what? Let’s just talk about this viral video making the rounds on social media that shows a KK-Karen whose mouth wrote a check her hind parts couldn’t cash. Fortunately, the beatdown she caught, as a result, was 100% free of charge.


Actually, it’s unclear who started the loud and profane argument between the white woman and a Black woman, which appears to have taken place at a grocery store. Who knows where in America this took place, but the Black woman certainly took a long trip upside a racist Karen’s head.

The video opens with the two women loudly arguing back and forth and threatening each other in the store while standing at a considerable distance from each other. The white woman can be heard telling the Black woman to “bring it b—h” before calling her the N-word as she turned to continue walking away. It was at that point that the Black woman did, indeed, decide to “bring it,” but it turned out Karen was not prepared to receive what she asked for. Apparently, she was not thugging like she thought she was.

“Oooh, I’m about to beat her a-s,” the Black woman can be heard saying before she snatched up a fist full of Karen hair.

The most hilarious part of this confrontation comes when, before getting her hair pulled, the white woman tried to sit down next to a Black man thinking he would protect her. And he did appear to try to stand between the two women, that is until he was informed of why Becky with the biteless bark was about to get beat up. Once the Black woman told him what he called her, he tried to step aside but the white woman was still attempting to use him as a human shield while begging for his help. Suffice it to say, the man was unable to protect Karen from catching a multitude of fists of fury from the Black woman who was kind enough to provide her with the a*s whooping she was previously asking for. 

In fact, the kowardly krying Karen was so terrified that after she got beat up, she started profusely apologizing for using the slur. 

Hopefully, the Black woman, who can be seen pretty clearly at the end of the video, didn’t get arrested behind the incident.

Again, say “no” to violence, good people. But if violence happens when a racist is getting checked for being racist, I’m definitely going to watch and laugh.

At least, I would if I were petty—which I am not. 


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