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Amaree’ya Henderson

Source: gofundme / GoFundMe

A GoFundMe has been created for Amaree’ya Henderson, the Black DoorDash driver who was shot and killed by Kansas City, Kanas police after a confrontation during a traffic stop.

The account, which was created by Paulina Johnson, is intended to help the family with funeral costs and other expenses in laying him to rest. 

Amaree’ya Henderson’s death hasn’t been widely covered by national media and his GoFundMe account has suffered because of it.

As of May 16, the page only managed to raise $2,680, which is slightly halfway to its goal of $5,148.

“This was unexpected & is a very hard and heartbreaking thing for his family,” Johnson wrote on the GoFundMe page. “At this time we are asking for assistance in laying him to rest anything helps.”

Amaree’ya Henderson was killed by KCKPD on April 26 after a confrontation during a traffic stop. Police haven’t released much information surrounding the incident, but the family says he was unarmed and posed no threat to police.

According to the Star, Henderson’s mother was on the phone with him during the moments of his death. She says Henderson called her on FaceTime and asked her to come to where he had been pulled over. Moments later, she overhears gunfire. His fiancée, who was in the car when he was shot, recalls officers “grabbing, pulling, punching” Henderson before he was shot twice. 

Last week, protesters, civil rights organizations and community members gathered at the Kansas City, Kansas, Police Department, demanding that the bodycam footage be released. 

Henderson’s mother, Pauletta Johnson, spoke at the rally telling the crowd her son didn’t deserve this type of ending.

“He was a great human being and an awesome son” said Pauletta. “It’s never been a day in his 25 years of life that he has disappointed me and he has always put family first.”

She continued, “What was taken away from me was my only son that I can never get back. I’m scared and I feel like I’m about to fall apart.”

Family lawyer, Nuru Witherspoon, called out the officers saying instead of protecting a man who had expressed fear in a hostile situation, police did the opposite. 

“We have a guy that he says, ‘I’m afraid, and I want my mother,’” Witherspoon said to the Star when discussing the conversation Henderson had with police. “But to go the other direction. There aren’t many cases like this. And then when you create this danger, when you create this chaos, you shoot him and say he’s responsible for his own death. And it just doesn’t even make sense.”

Click here if you like to donate to GoFundMe for Amaree’ya Henderson.


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